Laining Schedule

The following people are scheduled to lain at the 8:45am and 9:15am minyanim. Note that the schedule is subject to change without notice.

2023-04-01TzavEd ZurndorferBarry Greengart
2023-04-06Pesach IRafi MosesMenachem Frenkel
2023-04-07Pesach IIEd ZurndorferMenachem Frenkel
2023-04-08Pesach Shabbos Chol HamoedEd ZurndorferMenachem Frenkel
2023-04-12Pesach VIIEd ZurndorferMenachem Frenkel
2023-04-13Pesach VIIIRafi MosesMenachem Frenkel
2023-04-15SheminiEd ZurndorferChaim Rossberg
2023-04-22Tazria-Metzora/Rosh ChodeshRafi MosesBarry Greengart
2023-04-29Acharei Mos-KedoshimMoshe FischerJosh Chiel
2023-05-06EmorBarry GreengartMenashe Katz
2023-05-13Behar-BechukosaiRafi MosesChaim Rossberg

Menashe Katz usually lains at the 7:00am minyan.