YISE offers a variety of Youth Programs all year long including Shabbos morning groups for ages 2-year-old through 4th grade, Youth Minyan, special events on holidays including Simchas Torah and Purim, Torah Tefillah & Toffuti on Shabbos aftenoon in the summer, Dor l'Dor Motzai Shabbos in the winter and additional events throughout the year for all ages.

For more information contact:

Shabbos Groups Coordinator – Talya Miller

Youth Minyan Coordinator – Rabbi Moshe Holzer

Youth Activities Director – TBD

Youth Committee:

Debbie Katz, Chair
Elisheva Carl
Alison Gorin
Jordie Honick
Ali Jacobson
Leora Kor
Aviva Kramer
Miriam Levson
Melissa Miller
Adina Neumann
Judy Rosenbaum
Sharon Shimoff
Rachelli Simon
Judy Taragin