Yom HaShoah v'Hagvurah

Young Israel Shomrai Emunah and Kemp Mill Synagogue Present

the 44th annual Yom HaShoah v'Haguvurah Program featuring

Lew Sosnowik

Lew Sosnowik was born in 1933 in a small town in Northeastern Poland. Shortly after the Germans invaded the area in June 1941, the Jews of his town were rounded up and taken to a ghetto in nearby Szarkowszczna. When the ghetto was liquidated several months later, Lew and his parents escaped and hid in the Polish forest. They survived there until they were liberated by the Russians in the fall of 1944. Lew and his parents came to America in 1950, after 5 hard years in Italy. Lew became a pharmacist and then married in 1955. Today, he has 9 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

Dvar Torah by Rabbi Brahm Weinberg

"Generations" Candle Lighting Ceremony

Sunday, May 5, 2024, at Kemp Mill Synagogue.

Co-sponsored by: Berman Hebrew Academy, Ohr HaTorah, Sulam, Torah School of Greater Washington, Woodside Synagogue, Yeshiva of Greater Washington