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Dear Valued YISE Community Members,

A Yizkor Guide will be available at our Shul whose purpose is to respond to a community need. Congregants have requested assistance from the Gabbaim and the Rabbi in making the Yizkor service more coherent and meaningful. There has been ongoing confusion about both the order and content of the Yizkor service. The confusion is caused by the fact that various siddurim, including Artscroll, vary in their presentation of the content of the Yizkor service.

To answer this need, YISE has decided to create our own Yizkor Guide. The Yizkor Guide will contain the psalms, Yizkor passages and K'ail Malei Rachamimim in the order said in our Shul.

We are asking for your assistance in sponsoring this guide. We thought it appropriate to suggest donations be made in memory of loved ones for whom Yizkor would be said. Two options will be available. For a sponsorship of $180, the family purchases an unlimited number of name listings. Alternatively, individual name listings can be purchased for $18 each.

All names from YISE plaques will be listed together in the guide, by Hebrew name, as they appear on the plaques. If you would like any of these names listed along with the rest of your family listings, please include them with your name listings on the attached form at $18 per name, or as part of your Yizkor Guide sponsorship.

The YISE Yizkor Guide will be used for 4 Yizkor services each year (Yom Kippur, Shemini Atzeres, Pesach and Shavuos). A new Guide, with updated listings, will be created at the beginning of each subsequent year.

Creating a listing of departed loved ones may also be a nice way for younger family members to become more familiar with family names.

Though the shul has had books before which carried names of loved ones who have passed, we have never before printed a clear guide for the Yizkor itself. We believe this will be a project which will make that essential service more meaningful for our membership.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact yizkor@yise.org

The deadline for Yizkor Guide sponsorships or individual listings is Rosh Chodesh Elul, which is September 1, 2019.

Thank you, in advance, for your participation in this important new YISE Yom Tov initiative.

If you would like to include the same list of names as last year, please indicate that in the Notes section and we will copy the list from last year.

Click here to download a printable Yizkor Guide form.

Sponsor with Unlimited Names

Sponsor Yizkor Guide including Unlimited Names
Cost: $ 180.00 each

Individual Names

Individual Names for Yizkor Guide
Cost: $ 18.00 each

Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Payment may be made via PayPal or send a check to the YISE office. Please note the Donation ID # when making your payment.The following form is separate from any PayPal payment. Please complete this form and click "Submit" below to place your order/reservation, whether you are paying by PayPal or any other method.

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Yizkor Guide Sponsorship # of Names

If you have any questions, please contact yizkor@yise.org or Simi Franco at 301-593-4465 x403. Thank you for supporting YISE.