YISE Annual Meeting

The YISE Annual Meeting will take place at 7:30pm. The first order of business is the election of Officers and Trustees.

List of Nominees:
President – Dr. David Mazel
First Vice President – Mr. Adam Bashein
Second Vice President – Ms. Barbara Price
Third Vice President – Mr. Josh Breitstein
Fourth Vice President – Ms. Deborah Rudmann
Fifth Vice President – Mr. Michael Shimoff
Secretary – Mr. Manasseh Katz
Treasurer – Ms. Sharon Samuels

There are 15 trustees elected for 3-year terms. The following five people are nominated for new 3-year terms:
Ms. Nancy Finkelstein
Dr. Jerry Hawk
Mr. Nelson Moskowitz
Mr. Noach Wolfe
Ms. Miriam Zaghi

Following the election, there will be an open meeting at which members may discuss issues that concern them.