Tisha B'Av Schedule

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5773/2013 YISE Tisha B’Av Schedule

July 15th – Erev Tisha B'Av

Mincha – Arcola Belonofsky Sanctuary, University, Sephardi 6:00pm

Fast Begins 8:33pm

Maariv/Eicha – Arcola Belonofsky Sanctuary, Arcola Social Hall (Youth),
University, Sephardi 9:20pm

July 16th – Tisha B'Av

Arcola Social Hall 6:00am
Sephardi 6:00am
Arcola Belonofsky Sanctuary 6:35am
Arcola Social Hall 7:30am
Arcola Belonofsky Sanctuary 8:30am – Kinos with Commentary
by Rabbi Rosenbaum

Chatzos: 1:15pm

Early Mincha – Arcola Belonofsky Sanctuary 2:00pm

Chofetz Chaim Foundation Video – Arcola Large Social Hall 2:45pm

Rabbi Eytan Feiner, Rav of Knesses Israel, Far Rockaway, and Rabbi Eli Mansour, Rabbi of Congregation Bet Yaakob in Brooklyn NY. In Choosing Our Words, these two dynamic lecturers offer a masterful presentation examining the divisive nature of negative speech and the manner in which it destroys unity. With their own unique and powerful style these lecturers leave an indelible message about the evil force exerted by loshon hora, which exerts Klal Yisroel to danger and destruction.

Chofetz Chaim Foundation Video for Children – 2:45pm
Arcola Small Social Hall
Sponsored by the Yehuda Mond Foundation & YISE

Project Inspire Video – Arcola Social Hall 4:00pm

“Just A Word,” a 50 minute video including inspirational video clips and a dynamic lecture by Charlie Harary. Introduction by HaRav Dovid Weinberger, shlita, Mara D’Asra of Congregation Shaaray Tefilla, Lawrence, NY.

Rabbi Hanoch Teller – Arcola Belonofsky Sanctuary 7:00pm

Rabbi Hanoch Teller will speak live on the topic of “What’s Wrong with this Picture?”

Mincha – Sephardi, followed by Maariv 7:55pm
Mincha – Arcola Belonofsky Sanctuary & University 8:00pm
Maariv – Arcola Belonofsky Sanctuary & University 8:55pm

Fast Ends 9:20pm