Tisha B'Av

Though Tisha B'av, for the time being, is normally a sad day, the fact that we can't even come together in the normal manner seems to make it even more so.

As we have informed you recently, we are planning Minyanim in the shul for Tisha B'Av. Due to health concerns, the Minyanim will be limited in number of attendees and length of service. Please only attend Minyan if you have registered, and have received an email assigning you to Minyan(im). There is a specific signup for Tisha B'av, which can be accessed at:


Please fill it out even if you are already registered for Minyanim in general. Both men and women are welcome to register on this site.

We are planning to have a zoom reading of Megillas Eichah after Maariv is over, and people have been given sufficient time to return home. It is our Minhag to read Eichah Tisha B'Av night. It is not an obligation comparable to Megillas Esther on Purim, for example. One may certainly read Eichah by one's self. We are arranging a Zoom reading to give people a semblance of the normal Tisha B'Av experience. Following Eichah, we will say the Kinos traditionally said Tisha B'Av night.

Unfortunately, both for health and practical considerations, the Shul will not be distributing the kinos books that so many of us are used to using every year. Please feel free to access Kinos at:


Though each of the morning Minyanim will say three Kinos, people are certainly encouraged to continue reciting Kinos at home. There are various Kinos recitations accompanied by commentary, provided by both local and national organizations, that will be available online Tisha B'Av morning.

Unfortunately, due to health concerns the shul will not be showing videos Tisha B'Av afternoon. There are various inspirational videos that can be accessed online on Tisha B'Av.

May we merit celebrating Tisha B'av as a yom tov, together, with a rebuilt Bais Hamikdash in Yerushalayim, speedily in our days.

Tisha B'Av Times:

Wednesday, July 29:
* Fast Begins: 8:22pm
* Eicha will be read online on Zoom at 9:45pm. Meeting ID: ID: 416 963 9000, password 492019


Thursday, July 30:
* Chatzos: 1:15 PM
* Rabbi Rosenbaum: Yearning for Redemption in Dark Times: 3:00 PM on Zoom
* Rabbi Silver: Appreciating the "Moed" of Tisha B'Av: 5:30 PM on Zoom
* Fast Ends: 9:06 PM