Sulam Jewish Disability Awareness Program

Dear Friends,

One of the greatest keys to our interpersonal practice, bein adam lachavero, is understanding the perspective and situation of the person with whom we are interacting. How many times, for example, have we felt terrible because of a thoughtless comment that stung someone? We realize at these moments that we need to think more about another’s situation before speaking or acting.

What if we don’t even appreciate or understand the situation and its unique challenges? There isn’t anything to think about or to remind ourselves if we simply don’t know enough. This is why I was so pleased to hear of the special program being held at YISE this Sunday evening, January 29, organized by Sulam. It is an opportunity to hear from two members of our community about the special and unique challenges facing those with ADHD and autism spectrum disorder. Though we frequently hear these terms in an educational context, these issues do not disappear once one becomes an adult. As a community, and as individuals, it is incumbent upon us to understand what others experience so that we can best accommodate and welcome them within our shul and homes.

As I have been away recently, I have not had the opportunity to convey the message in person, but please accept this as a substitute. I personally look forward to attending the event. As our community continues to grow and flourish, with G-d’s help, may we always succeed at keeping all of its members in heart and mind.


Rabbi Dovid Rosenbaum

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