Stop the Bleed Training

On July 14, 2019 and again on November 3, 2019, YISE hosted "Stop the Bleed" courses put on by Resudox Solutions. There were three 2-hour sessions each time that enabled up to 35 people each to be trained. Over 150 community members participated at these FREE sessions. Stop the Bleed is designed to empower individuals in caring for their own safety, not only in school or shul, but in any public space.

The Stop the Bleed program was developed by the American College of Surgeons and the Committee on Trauma, and launched in 2015. Up to 1 in 5 deaths by trauma may be preventable if timely medical care is provided after injury. Traumatic events occur every day from events such as vehicle crashes, falls, and violent assaults. In addition, multi-casualty events, such as attacks on religious institutions, often result in delayed arrival of a medical response. Irreversible shock can occur within minutes due to severe blood loss, resulting in death. This class creates active bystanders by teaching skills that can control bleeding before responders arrive, saving lives.

YISE has placed four trauma bags throughout the synagogue where members gather. Please consult a Rabbi, Gabbai, or Board Member to learn where the bags are in your minyan.

Additional "Stop the Bleed" classes can be obtained for a fee via Resudox at: or via a number of other reputable vendors.

Discounted "Stop the Bleed" kits are available from Resudox for the Silver Spring Jewish community: using the discount code: SCN-STOPTHEBLEED15.

There are many additional reputable online dealers to buy trauma medical kits from. Some are listed below:

This program was sponsored by YISE, KMS, WSAT, Chabad Silver Spring, YI Potomac, and the Silver Spring Medical Center.