Siyum Tanach in Honor of Rav Anemer's zt"l Yahrtzeit [Sign-up Form]

Dear Shomrai Family:

We plan to commemorate the third yahrtzeit of Rav Anemer zt”l with our third annual siyum Tanach at a suedah shlishit on April 13, Shabbat Tazria-Metzorah. The Young Israel Shomrai Emunah community intends to complete the study of Tanach. This yearly project is an enduring way for our community to heed the Rav’s treasured message of the value of Torah study.

The Adult Education Committee will coordinate the effort, which will culminate with a Siyum Tanach, around the time of the Rav’s yahrtzeit (Rosh Chodesh Iyar). The Committee has divided the Tanach into 133 sections, and an online sign-up form can be accessed at the synagogue’s website ( , or you may call Bob Levi at 301-593-2399 to register for a particular section. Individuals, couples, families, or chavrusas can sign-up for one or more of the Tanach sections to study. You are encouraged to learn a section of Tanach that you have yet to learn, or study a favorite section with the assistance of a new commentary.

If you have any questions, you may call me or Rav Rosenbaum. Thank you for your participation in this project.

Bob Levi
Adult Education Committee

Please sign-up using the link below:

Siyum Tanach in Honor of Rav Anemer's zt"l Yahrtzeit [Sign-up Form]