Shomrim Program for YISE Security

The YISE Security Committee continues to review possible threats and guidance and to issue security recommendations to the board. YISE recently hired an off-duty police officer to be present on Shabbos morning and to make periodic patrols on Friday nights and during Shabbos mincha. In order to stay vigilant in the current global security environment, YISE will be implementing a Shomrim program on Friday night, Shabbos morning and holidays in order to augment our hired police presence.

YISE is seeking committed volunteers to become Shomrim members and team leaders. Click here to signup for the Shomrim program.

Who are the YISE Shomrim? The YISE Shomrim are a group of shul members who volunteer time on Shabbos and holidays to serve as alert eyes and gatekeepers for the shul. They are responsible for monitoring and identifying suspicious activity taking place in the vicinity of the shul. Shomrim are also responsible for identifying unknown individuals attempting to enter the shul and verifying their intentions, and alerting the police of any unwelcome individual or suspicious activity.

What does being a YISE Shomrim volunteer entail? Becoming a YISE Shomrim volunteer requires a significant time commitment. Shomrim volunteers will be required to be on duty on a rotating basis during Friday night and Shabbos morning services on alternating weeks, as well as during holidays. Additionally, Shomrim members will be required to attend periodic training. Several individuals will be needed to serve as Shomrim team leaders, which will require an increased time commitment.

Do I need to have any special skills or abilities to be a YISE Shomrim volunteer? Shomrim volunteers will need to be on their feet for extended periods of time during shifts. Shomrim volunteers will generally spend extended periods of their shifts on the outside of the shul and must be willing and able to brave the various elements. Shomrim volunteers will be expected to maintain a professional demeanor while remaining courteous and respectful to congregants and visitors and must be willing and able to engage unknown individuals in conversation. Shomrim volunteers will need to stay alert for extended periods of time and make appropriate decisions under potentially dynamic conditions.

Will I be issued and trained to use a weapon for Shomrim duty? Shomrim volunteers are absolutely prohibited from being armed with firearms or edged weapons while in their roles as Shomrim. Shomrim volunteers may be required to use electronic communication devices in emergency situations under the halachic instructions of Rabbi Rosenbaum.

To join the Shomrim program, please go to If you have any questions about the program, please contact