Shavuos Shiurim

Shiurim on Shavuos
(Tikkun Leil Shavuos)

Theme: Monetary Issues in Halachah

Shiur 1 "An Overview of the Laws of Charity"
Midnight – 12:55am Rabbi Rosenbaum

Break: 12:55am – 1:05am

Shiur 2 "I Didn’t Know That!" Analyzing Rulings in Actual Cases
1:05am – 2:00am Rabbi Yitzchak Scher

Break: 2:00am – 2:10am

Shiur 3 Why Hashem Wants Us to Love Our Jobs
2:10am – 3:05am Rabbi Will Yeamans

Break: 3:05am – 3:15am

Shiur 4 "Laws of Employer/Employee Relations"
3:15am – 4:10am Rabbi Rosenbaum

Early Minyan: 4:25am

Earliest Talis: 4:44am

Additionally, Rabbi Will Yeamans will be giving a men's shiur on the gemoras pertaining to Matan Torah, beginning at midnight in the Social Hall.

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