Seudah Shlishit/Siyum for Yahrzeit of Rabbi Anemer

Seudah Shlishit in Commemoration of the First Yahrzeit of Rav Gedaliah Anemer zt"l

At the May 7 seudah shilshit, Young Israel Shomrai Emunah will commemorate our Rav's first yahrzeit with the community-wide completion of learning of Tanach, as well as a siyum on Seder Moed of Mishnayot, and a siyum on Mesechet Zevachim of Talmud Bavli.

The seudah will take place in the Arcola Social Hall after 7:00 PM mincha (Belonofsky Sanctuary and Nusach Sefard/Small Beis Medrash), and 6:55 PM Sephardi mincha.

The suggested sponsorship is a minimum of $36.

Please call the YISE office at 301-593-4465 ext. 403 to sponsor.

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