Rabbi Mayer Twersky

Young Israel Shomrai Emunah
is proud to present

Rabbi Mayer Twersky
Rosh Yeshiva, RIETS, Yeshiva University

Shabbos Parashas Yisro
January 21-22, 2011

Please join us:
Friday Night Shiur 8:30 pm
"The Rav and His Times"

Shabbos Drasha Following Musaf – Approx. 11:15 am
"Tefilah: Your Personal Connection"

Afternoon Shiur 5:15 pm
"The Blessings and Challenges of a Goy Kadosh"

All shiurim will take place at Young Israel Shomrai Emunah
1132 Arcola Avenue

This Shabbos is sponsored by:
The Adult Education Committee as part of its Community Lecture Series

For more information about this Shabbos please contact:
David Hornestay: 301-649-4412

Click here for flyer (PDF)