Pesach Hospitality

Pesach 2021 Hospitality

The YISE Hospitality Committee is back in business for Pesach! Baruch Hashem, thanks to the prevalence of COVID-19 vaccinations, the CDC's latest guidance opens the door for more shared meals, under certain circumstances. We would like to help match up guests with hosts for Pesach meals, taking vaccination status and the CDC's guidelines into account.

If you would like to host people at your Pesach meals, please visit:

To sign up to be a guest, please visit:

There is more information on the sign-up forms and on the "FAQ" list, below. If you have any further questions, please contact us at


Q: My husband & I will both be fully vaccinated before our first seuda-invite. This includes the 2-week waiting period (past the last shot). We do have children, who of course are not vaccinated yet. Are we not considered a "fully vaccinated" household?
A: No, you would not be considered a fully vaccinated household. However, you could host a fully vaccinated guest.

Q: My household is not fully vaccinated, but I am comfortable inviting someone not vaccinated. Will this YISE Program still match me with unvaccinated guests?
A: No, we are only matching guests / hosts that meet the CDC guidelines. The CDC requires at least one "household" in the event to be vaccinated.

Q: Is someone checking or verifying the vaccination or health status of guests or hosts?
A: The YISE Hospitality program is a matching program, but not a supervisory program. This initiative relies on accurate and honest reporting of the participants, and we rely on the participants to self-monitor if their status changes (and quickly communicate that change if meals are already planned). If a guest or host wishes to double-check the status (or get more detailed information) of the other parties, they should do so, directly with the other parties. YISE Hospitality may be able to act as an intermediary regarding questions – if we are able – but each party is fully responsible for pursuing its own diligence.

Q: I'm going to be a guest at someone's house, and I'm fully vaccinated. What happens if I'm at work and it turns out that one of my colleagues got COVID-19?
A: Check with the CDC about definitions of exposure and what do if – even if vaccinated. They have updated guidelines. But regardless of the CDC guideline, your participation in this program commits you to informing your hosts of the incident. (The hosts may be comfortable with the CDC advice, but they have the right to be informed and choose an action).