Parashas Shlach – June 28 – 29, 2024

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Candle Lighting 8:20, not before 7:04 | Havdalah 9:27

The Shabbos Shorts are sponsored by Masha & Seth Katz with gratitude to Hashem and thanks to the community for their support and kindness during Masha's treatment and
by the Praffs and the Zuckermans in honor of their neighbor Ahuva Kaplan becoming a Bat Mitzvah. Ahuva is a marvelous young lady. We areso proud of her kindness, maturity and Middos. May you continue to be blessed by HaKadosh Baruch Huand have joy in all that you do.

YISE Supports Israel

Our thoughts and prayers are focused on Israel. Please see the back of this sheet for various things you can do to support Israel.

Mazal Tov

Rosanne & Howard Benn on the birth of a great-granddaughter, Elisheva. Mazal Tov to the parents, Leah & Aharon Chaimovitz of Bnei Brak.

Tzivia Bramson on the birth of a great-granddaughter, Sarah Aviva. Mazal Tov to parents, Malki & Moshe Schwartz and grandmother, Libby Waidenbaum.

Officer Eli Dunham and his wife Kristen on the recent birth of their son Zacarias.

Ahuva Kaplan and Esther & Seth Kaplan on Ahuva's Bat Mitzvah.

Mindy & Meier Kotek on the marriage of their daughter Dena to Chanania Youseflaleh, this past Sunday. Mazal Tov to Chanania's parents, Yaffa & Mayer, and to Dena's siblings, Josh, Mikey and Yoni, and to her grandparents, Gabi & Luiz Kotek and Eva & Gabe Rosenberg, and to all of the aunts uncles and cousins.

Karen & Howie Schulman on the birth of a great-grandson. The parents are Rochel & Menachem Eizenstat. Proud grandparents are Miri & Rabbi Daniel Kramer and Jessica & Jay Eizenstat. Mazal Tov also to great-great grandmother Florence Binstock Avigan, great-grandparents Marcia Meth, Risa Gold & Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat and to all of the aunts, uncles & cousins.


Bonnie Evans on the passing of her husband Ira Evans, Yisroel Yehoshua ben Velvel. Condolences also to Will, Gabe and Amy Evans. The funeral took place on Sunday.

Kiddush Sponsors

Hashkamah Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by the Hashkamah Minyan Kiddush Group.

Shul Kiddush is sponsored the Shul Kiddush Group

Sephardic Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by by Marcia & Vic Rosenblum in gratitude to HaKadosh Baruch Hu for the successful completion of a series of surgical interventions.

Shabbos and Weekday Shiurim Sponsors

Hashkamah Minyan Shiur is sponsored by David Jaray in appreciation of Rabbi Grossman and all those who attend his shiur, and in memory of all those who have lost their lives in Israel. May Hashem bless Israel with complete and speedy victory and Brachos for the Israeli soldiers, hostages, students, and all of Israel and by Ina Klinger, mother of Elaine Rubin. May Hashem bless Israel with complete and speedy victory and Brachos for the Israeli soldiers, hostages, students, and all of Israel.

Rabbi Hyatt's Gemara Shiur was sponsored by David Jaray in appreciation of Rabbi Grauman and all those who attend his shiur, and in memory of Rabbi Hyatt, A"H and to all of those who have lost their lives in Israel. May their Neshamas have an Aliyah. Refuah Shlema to all those that are wounded and ill, and to all of those that have been traumatized in Israel during these times.

Ohr HaChaim Chabura is sponsored by Ina Klinger, mother of Elaine Rubin. May Hashem bless Israel with complete and speedy victory and Brachos for the Israeli soldiers,hostages, students, and all of Israel.

Limud on the Lawn is sponsored this month by Dr. Jerry Hawk in memory of his cousin, Sgt-Major Eli Moshe Zimbalist, HY"D, who was killed recently alongside seven other soldiers in his combat unit, defending the land of Israel.

The Lower Lobby coffee station is being sponsored by Roast Master Robert Levine.

Shabbos Schedule

Minyan Locations:

B – Belonofsky Sanctuary, S – Social Hall, LBM – Large Beis Medrash, SBM – Small Beis Medrash, H – The House


Mincha/Maariv: 6:45 (Plag, S) 7:00 (B), 8:20 (B) 7:15 (Sephardi, LBM)


Shacharis: 7:00 (B), 8:45 (B), 9:15 (S), 8:15 (Sephardi, LBM), 9:15 (Teen, H)

Mincha: 2:30 (B), 5:00 (B), 8:15 (B), 8:15 (Sephardi, LBM)

Maariv: 9:27 (B)


8:45 Minyan: (B) Rabbi Postelnek

9:15 Minyan: (S) Rabbi Rosenbaum

Hashkamah Minyan Gemara Shiur: (SBM) Rabbi Yitzhak Grossman

Ohr HaChaim Chabura: 8:55 (S) Rabbi Rosenbaum

Parsha Shiur before Mincha: 7:15 (B) Rabbi Rosenbaum

Shiur between Mincha/Maariv: Rabbi Postelnek

Youth Announcements

Teen Minyan – 9:15 AM in The House, followed byKiddush

Shabbos Groups – 10 AM until shul ends

Toddler Group, under 2 with parent, Toddler Room

Kinder Group, 2-5, upstairs behind the balcony

Boys 6-9 & Girls 6-9 and 5th-6th Grade Girls,meet in lower lobby and walk to YGW

Popsicles in the Park – Join us this Shabbos at 4:30 PM at the Kemp Mill Urban Park. More dates coming in July and August. see flyer


YISE Supports Israel

YISE invites members with family on active IDF duty to share their profiles at

YISE maintains a community-wide Tehillim WhatsApp group. To join, visit To submit names of soldiers serving in the IDF for tefilot, please send the soldier's Hebrew name and his/her mother's Hebrew name to

We pray that our soldiers will return soon to their peacetime roles, and in the interim ask our members to daven and undertake other zechuyos on behalf of these and other IDF personnel defending Israel and our people.

Evening of Inspiration with Varda and Eitan Morell – Thursday, July 25 at 8 PM in the Belonofsky Sanctuary. Varda and Eitan Morell will speak about their son Maoz, HY"D, who fell in battle in Gaza. They will share the inspirational story of his heroism in life and death in the context of three generations of Jewish survival and strength. see flyer

In Memory of Eli Moshe Zimbalist, HY"D, please consider donating to this campaign Tefilah We gather in the Belonofsky Sanctuary on Sunday evenings after Mincha/Maariv for 15 minutes of communal Tehillim.Additionally, Tehillim are recited at each daily and Shabbos minyan.

Shiur for Israel Rabbi Rosenbaum leads a daily 15-minute Zoom of Tehillim recital and study of Pirkei Avos with Rabenu Yonah, Sunday through Friday at 12:30 PM on Zoom A.

Tzedaka A list of charitable organizations is available at:

As we engage our efforts through tefilah, tzedakah and political action, let us also beseech Hashem daily to bring safety to the citizens of Israel, success to its military, and clarity to its leadership.

Upcoming YISE Events

Men's Night Seder Program – Learn with a Chavrusa, Chabura or own your own! Tuesdays & Thursdays in the Small Beis Medrash, through July 4, 8:45-9:30 PM, Maariv to follow. Chabura with Rabbi Postelnek, "From Iyun to Halacha: Real questions learned real well." Includes light snacks and Thursday night cholent! To sponsor, visit see flyer

Limud on the Lawn – A monthly exploration of different Torah luminaries through the ages at YISE members' homes. Rabbi Postelnek will speak about the Ri Ha-Zaken, June 29 (rescheduled from last Shabbos) at 6 PM on the lawn of Dr. Jerry and Tsipi Hawk, 819 Bromley St. Contact the YISE to sponsor Limud on the Lawn for $54 for July 13, August 24 or September 1. see flyer

An Evening of Pizza and Friends – Join YISE Young Professionals on Sunday, June 30, 8 PM at Ben Yehuda. Limited space. $15pp. RSVP: see flyer

Yom HaShoah – The 2024 Yom HaShoah program on May 5 during which our member Lew Sosnowik was interviewed is available online at

Security Training – A free all-afternoon training session open to all members of the shul is being scheduled for a Sunday later this summer or early fall. The event will be informative and involves role play so we all know what to do in an emergency. Food will be served. If you are willing to participate, please contact Stuart Rosenthal at (301) 980-9557 or

Zoom Connection details in the SHMA and at Flyers are available at

The Week Ahead

Thursday – July 4 – Independence Day

Halachic Times: Latest Alos Hashachar 4:07 AM, Earliest Talis and Tefilin: 4:45 AM, Latest Netz: 5:50 AM, Latest Krias Shema: 9:28 AM, Earliest Mincha: 1:50 PM, Earliest Shkia: 8:36 PM, Latest Tzeis Hacochavim 9:27 PM

Next Shabbos

July 5-6, 2024

30 Sivan 5784

Parashas Korach/Rosh Chodesh

Candle lighting: 8:19 not before: 7:04

Havdalah: 9:25

Friday Night:

Mincha/Maariv:6:45 (Plag, S), 7:00 (B), 8:20 (B) 7:15 (Sephardi, LBM)

Shabbos Day:

Shacharis: 7:00 (B), 8:45 (B), 9:15 (S), 8:10 (Sephardi, LBM), 9:15 (Teen, H)

Mincha: 2:30 (B), 5:00 (B), 8:00 (B), 8:10 (Sephardi, LBM)

Maariv: 9:25