Parashas Matos – July 22-23, 2011

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Shabbos, July 22-23, 2011

Parashas Matos 21 Tammuz, 5771

Earliest Candle Lighting 6:59pm Light Candles by 8:10pm

Friday Mincha (Plag) – Arcola 6:45pm

Friday Mincha – Nusach Sefard & Sephardi 7:00pm

Friday Mincha – University 7:15pm

Friday Mincha 2 – Arcola Social Hall 7:30pm

Friday Mincha – Arcola 8:10pm

Rabbi Amram Hes will speak at the 8:45AM Main Minyan.

Rabbi Barry Greengart will speak at the 8AM Minyan.

The Hashkamah/Nusach Sefard Kiddush is sponsored by "The Group."

The 8:45AM Main Minyan Kiddush is sponsored in honor of Robin & Rabbi Dovid Niman and family by their friends, who wish them well as they leave the community.

Early Shabbos Mincha – Arcola 5:00pm

Shabbos Mincha – Sephardi 7:50pm

Shabbos Mincha – Arcola & University 8:05pm

Shabbos Mincha – Nusach Sefard 8:05pm

Shabbos Ends 9:14pm


Sue Stern on the birth in Israel of a great-grandson, Elchanan Yaakov, to her grandchildren, Brina & Ezra Groskin. Also Mazal Tov to all the aunts, uncles & cousins.

Sheila & Allen Gaisin on the birth of their granddaughter, Aidel Tirtza, born to their children Shera & Reuven Gaisin. Mazal Tov also to uncles Jeremy & Shlomo Gaisin, and to all the other aunts & uncles and their families.

Mindy & Shmuel Tolchinsky on the engagement of their daughter Tova to Doniel Weinstein, son of Lee & Steve Weinstein of Lawrence, NY. Mazal Tov to the grandparents, Janet Rottenberg and Shirley & Yehuda Tolchinsky, and to Tova's siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, and niece.

Karen & Howard Schulman and Shula & Arie Eloul on the engagement of their children Tali and Ronnie. Mazal Tov as well to grandparents Irene & Bernard Amernick and Florence & Joel Avigan and the siblings, nephews and nieces.

Hilary & Avrumi Leeder on the birth of a baby boy and a new brother for Neshama. Mazal Tov also to the grandparents, Diane & Julian Spirer of Bethesda and Shira & Rabbi Asher Leeder of Newton, MA, and great-grandmother Evelyn Leeder of Lakewood, NJ. The Shalom Zachar will be at the Leeder residence Friday night, 9:15pm, 705 Lamberton Drive.


Aryeh Furst and family on the passing in Israel of his father, Rabbi Moshe Furst. The funeral took place in Israel. Aryeh will be sitting shiva until Monday morning in Rechovot. He can be reached at 052-604-1515

Members of the High Holiday Seating Committee will be available to accept and assist in completing forms this Sunday, July 24, between 10 AM and 12 Noon in the Arcola Social Hall lobby.

Rabbi Rosenbaum is away until July 30 (just before the Nine Days). Rabbi Hyatt and Rabbi Reingold have kindly agreed to answer shaalos during that time. Anyone needing to contact Rabbi Rosenbaum for an urgent matter may call Alan Zimmerman, 301-593-4465, ext. 401, who will contact Rabbi Rosenbaum.


Bais Medrash Zichron Gedaliah is on summer break.

Rabbi Zev Katz's Wednesday morning Chumash shiur is on summer break.

Rabbi Moshe Arzouan's Wednesday evening Advanced Men's Gemara shiur for men meets one hour before Mincha at University Blvd.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Gemara shiur for men will resume in August.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Sunday night shiur for men will resume in August.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Wednesday night Women's shiur will resume in August.

Linas Hatzedek – The Greater Washington Community Kollel – Due to the

upcoming Three Weeks, Linas Hatzedek will continue the topic of "Gossip and

Slander – Hold Your Tongue." The program is presented jointly with the YISE Adult

Education Committee, Sunday mornings 9:30am, following the 8:45 Shacharis.

Gemara Basics – The Greater Washington Community Kollel's weekly Yesodei

Hatorah shiur for men meets on Thursdays, 8:30pm, in the Arcola Social Hall.


R' Pinchas Werner – 8:15am Shiur, youth room behind the balcony. All are welcome.

Rabbi David Hyatt – Gemara Shiur after Hashkamah Minyan.

Rabbi Moshe Arzouan – Shiur after Sephardi Musaf.

Rabbi William Millen – Gemara Shiur 1 hour before Mincha.

Rabbi Amram Hes -Parsha shiur meets ½ hour before Mincha.

Rabbi Eliyahu Reingold – Shiur between Mincha and Maariv at Arcola.

Mrs. Yocheved Arzouan – Shiur 9am, upstairs behind the women's balcony.
Reminder- Announcements are listed as space is available, at the discretion of the YISE staff. Listings for non-Shul events may appear one time if space is needed for Shul events, or may appear more often if space permits. Submissions are subject to editing for space or stylistic requirements.

Holiday seat time again – High Holiday seat forms were mailed this week. Please check your mail and send your requests in soon.

Year-round Assistance – Donations to the Yehuda Mond Foundation, and the Tomchei Shabbos of Greater Washington help a growing number of individuals and families in need, year round, and are a meaningful way to both honor friends and relatives and to celebrate simchas. The Tomchei Shabbos will send beautifully designed cards to the family or individual that you select in order to acknowledge donations made by you honoring someone's Bar or Bas mitzvah, yahrzeit or any other notable occasion. Please contact the Yehuda Mond Foundation at or send your donations to 812 Hyde Court, Silver Spring, 20902.


Women's Daytime Tehillim Group – 2pm-3pm, Tuesdays. For information contact Arleeta Lerner, 301-649-0552.

The Women's Group meeting at the home of Mrs. Klavan, 1106 Arcola Avenue, will have an open discussion this Shabbos at 5:30pm.

The Kemp Mill Shabbos Afternoon Women's Shiur -this Shabbos, 5:00 pm, at the home of Debbie Cohn, 11717 Fulham Street. Ahava Leibtag will be speaking on the topic "Theodicy: Why it feels like an Odyssey."

Being "Conservative": Saving Energy on Shabbos – Rabbi Gedalia Walls will discuss halachic concepts and practical tips to help save energy on Shabbos while maintaining the sanctity of the day. Monday, July 25, 8 pm at the Silver Spring Jewish Center. Free event sponsored by the Kayamut/Sustainability Circle.

How to Stay Inspired on a Daily Basis – Rebbetzin Nechama Karlinsky, noted teacher and lecturer from Israel, 8pm Monday, July 25, at Southeast Hebrew Congregation. $10 donation. For more information call Sorah Rivkah Goodman, 301-681-6347. Presented by The Mesorah Women's Learning Institute.

Never Stop Marketing … Yourself – Jeremy Epstein will explain why resumes are becoming obsolete in today's labor market and how you can effectively market yourself. Wednesday, July 27, 8pm (please note time), KMS. Sponsored by the Kemp Mill Employment Assistance Initiative and Wrap2Go. To reserve a seat and a copy of the handout, email For other job-related assistance, email Avi Zemelman at

Summer Seminar – In conjunction with YISE, the Greater Washington Community Kollel invites men and women to a week of inspiration August 1-4. Enjoy 4 two-part lectures. Monday and Wednesday: 8:00-8:40pm – Temple of Glory: Appreciating Our Treasure; Mourning Our Loss. 8:50-9:30pm – Taryag Mitzvos: Why So Many? Tuesday and Thursday: 8:00-8:40pm – Tefillah: Words of Gems; Expressions of Power. 8:50-9:30pm – Eicha: A Book of Love? Mincha 7:45, Refreshments 8:40-8:50 in the YISE Social Hall.

Explorations with Rashi, a Seminary style shiur for all women – Wednesday, August 3 and Thursday, August 4, 10am- 11:30am with Mrs. Rochie Reingold. Childcare provided, reservation required for childcare, $5 per session. Tuition $36, Kollel wives $20. Meeting in the Small Beis Medrash at YISE. For more information and to make reservations for childcare call or email Sorah Rivkah Goodman, 301-681-6347 or

How to stay focused in your jobsearch – Come join the Job Club Thursday nights at 7:30 pm. Learn how to better present yourself, expand your network, to land work. The Kemp Mill Employment Assistance Initiative has been helping people for years! Come see for yourself at YISE Arcola Small Social Hall. For more information, and to confirm the meeting is on for this week, contact Richard Dine,, or Cheryl Jacobson,

Job Search Workshop for Recent College Grads – JSSA will present a free workshop on Wednesday, July 27, 3-4:30pm, at 200 Wood Hill Road, Rockville, MD. Learn how to clarify your career preferences, leverage your existing skills to improve your job search, and craft an effective on-line and real-time networking strategy. Registration required at For info, email

Job Search Boot Camp – JSSA offers a free boot camp August 3-4 (must attend both days), at 2850 Quebec Street, NW, DC. Learn how to uncover job opportunities, develop a resume and cover letter that will get you in the door, network your way to a new job, and interview with confidence. Registration required at For info, email


Shabbos, July 23 – Special Kiddush in honor of Robin & Rabbi Dovid Niman after 8:45AM Main Minyan.

Friday, July 29 – Ruach Minyan – 7:30pm, Arcola Social Hall

Shabbos, July 30 – Bat Mitzvah of Esther Katz, Hashkamah Minyan Kiddush


The Youth Minyan meets at 9:15am.

Youth Groups this Shabbos meet from 10am to 11:15am for 2-5 year-olds ONLY in the large Youth room behind the women's balcony. Groups for 1st – 4th grade boys and girls will resume in the fall.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Shiur for 6th-8th grade boys will resume in August

It's your Shul- care for it like you would want your home cared for.

Davening Times Week of July 24 – July 30, 2011

MORNING SERVICES (July 24 – July 30)

Univ. Arcola Sephardi (korbanot)

Sunday 8:00am 6:30/7:30/8:45am 7:30am "

Monday/Thursday 6:15am 6:45/7:35/8:30am 6:05am "

Tues./Wednesday/Friday 6:30am 6:55/7:35/8:30am 6:15am "

Shabbos 8:30am 7:00/7:00/8:00/8:45am 8:15am

AFTERNOON SERVICES Mincha-Maariv (July 24- July 28)

Sunday-Thursday – Arcola & University 8:10pm

HALACHIC TIMES (July 24 – July 30)

Talis & Tefillin 5:07am

Krias Sh'ma 9:38am

Mincha (Earliest) 1:51pm

Starting this week the University Blvd. Shabbos Shacharis minyan will start at 8:30am.
Next Shabbos, July 29-30, 2011

Parashas Masei 28 Tammuz, 5771

Earliest Candle Lighting 6:54pm Light Candles by 8:04pm

Friday Mincha (Plag) – Arcola 6:40pm

Friday Mincha – Nusach Sefard & Sephardi 7:00pm

Friday Mincha – University 7:15pm

Friday Mincha 2 – Ruach Minyan Social Hall 7:30pm

Friday Mincha – Arcola 8:05pm

Early Shabbos Mincha – Arcola 5:00pm

Shabbos Mincha – Sephardi 7:45pm

Shabbos Mincha – Arcola & University 8:00pm

Shabbos Mincha – Nusach Sefard 8:00pm

Shabbos Ends 9:07pm

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