Parashas Korach – June 22-23, 2012

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YISE Shabbos Shorts

SHABBOS, June 22-23, 2012 3 Tammuz 5772

Parashas Korach Earliest Candle Lighting (Plag) 7:05pm

Light Candles by 8:19pm

Early Friday Mincha I – Arcola Large Social Hall 6:55pm

Friday Mincha – Nusach Sefard 7:00pm

Friday Mincha – Sephardi 7:00pm

Early Friday Mincha II – Belonofsky Sanctuary 7:15pm

Friday Mincha – University 7:15pm

Friday Mincha – Belonofsky Sanctuary 8:20pm

Rabbi Benjamin Blech will speak following the 8:45AM Main Minyan.

The Hashkamah/Nusach Sefard Kiddush is sponsored by Lily & Saadia Greenberg on the occasion of the yahrzeit of Saadia's mother, Evelyn L. Greenberg, a"h.

The 8AM Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by "The Chevra."

The 8:45AM Main Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by the YISE Adult Education Committee in honor of Rabbi Benjamin Blech, and co-sponsored by Nancy & Pesach Mehlman on the occasion of their son Shlomo's Aufruf.

Early Shabbos Mincha I – Arcola 2:30pm

Early Shabbos Mincha II – Arcola 5:00pm

Shabbos Mincha – Sephardi 8:00pm

Shabbos Mincha – Arcola & University& Nusach Sefard 8:15pm

Shabbos Ends 9:27pm


Esther & David Hornestay on the marriage of their grandson, Avi, to Orel Strauss. Avi's parents are Lisa & Shimon Hirschorn of Rannana, Israel.

Rebbetzin Yocheved Anemer on the marriage of her granddaughter Rachel, daughter of Tzipora & Rabbi Zev Anemer, to Moshe Metzger of Lakewood, NJ.

Esther & David Hornestay on the marriage of their granddaughter, Talia, to Ari Glovinsky. Talia's parents are Rabbi Stuart & Shari Klammer of New York.

Nancy & Pesach Mehlman on the Aufruf of their son, Shlomo. Mazal Tov also to siblings Rivka & Tani Friedman, Yoni and Moshe Mehlman, and to grandfathers Jack Mehlman and Menache Israel and all the aunts, uncles and cousins.


Moshe Khaldar and family on the passing of his mother, Hamdam Chaya Khaldar. Shiva will be observed at the Khaldar home, 11305 Monticello Ave., through Monday morning. Minyan times are as follows: Shacharis: Sunday: 7:30am; Monday: 7:20am. Mincha/ Maariv: Sunday: 8:20pm.

Changing the Lock – The locks will be replaced on the Kitchen doors next week. If you currently have a key to the kitchen, please contact the Shul office about a new key.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's mussar (spiritual self-improvement) study group for women, based on "Alei Shur" by Rav Wolbe, takes place Sundays, 9:30am, this week in the Beis Medrash.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Mishna Brurah shiur for men takes place Sundays, 8:30pm, at his home. For more information contact

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Men's Gemara shiur meets in the Arcola Social Hall, 6:00-6:45am Tuesdays & Fridays. The shiur covers Gemara, Rashi, and Tosfos with a look at practical Halachic conclusions drawn from the Sugyos. For information contact Aaron Branda,, or the Rabbi.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Wednesday morning Tehillim shiur meets in the small Beis Medrash at 11am.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Chumash shiur for women meets at 8pm, Wednesday nights, in the small Beis Medrash.

Rabbi Moshe Arzouan's advanced Gemara shiur for men takes place on Wednesday nights at University Blvd.

Zichron Gedaliah Bais Medrash for Men, Tuesday Evenings, 8pm in the YISE Social Hall. Classes and Instructors: Machshava [Jewish Thought] by Rabbi Y. Scher; Gemara Sukkah by R. J. Cohen; Mishna Berurah by Rabbi Eli Reingold; Advanced Gemara Beitzah by Rabbi M.C. Blate; Chavrusas always available. For info contact Rabbi Reingold, 301-996-5910.

Yesodei Hatorah – A unique skills-building program designed to give you independent Gemara proficiency Thursday evenings. Time TBA.

Business Ethics in the Workplace – Rabbi Yosef Singer, Rabbi, Young Israel Ezras Israel Potomac; Senior Director of the Advanced Technology Laboratory, Orbital Sciences Corp.; Ph.D Electronic Materials, M.I.T. Sunday, June 24, 9:30am, YISE Belonofsky Sanctuary. Sponsored by The Greater Washington Community Kollel in conjunction with YISE. Men and women welcome.


R' Pinchas Werner – Shiur 8:15am, in the small Youth Room behind the Women's Balcony.

Rabbi David Hyatt – Gemara Shiur meets in the small Beis Medrash after Hashkamah Minyan.

Rabbi Moshe Arzouan – Shiur after Sephardi Musaf.

Rabbi William Millen – Shiur will meet 1 hour before Mincha, in the Beis Medrash.

Rabbi Yehoshua Levy – Shiur one hour before the Sephardi Mincha.

Rabbi Amram Hes – Parsha Shiur will not meet this Shabbos

Rabbi Benjamin Blech – Shiur between Mincha/Maariv at Arcola.

Mrs. Yocheved Arzouan – Shiur 9am in small Youth Room behind the Women's Balcony.

Rebbetzin Atara Rosenbaum – Women's shiur Shabbos afternoons throughout the Summer. It will offer a perspective on the Three Weeks based on the Sefer Sifsei Chaim. It will meet this week at 6:00pm at the home of Susan Koss, 11405 Monticello Ave.

8 AM Minyan Chevra Kiddush

Stuart Cohen is trying to assemble an email list of all contributing members of the 8 AM Chevra. Please email him at


The Youth Minyan will meet promptly at 9:15am in the small social hall, as usual.

YISE Shabbos groups – Beginning this week, Shabbos Youth Groups will be only for 2 – 5 year-old children. Groups for Grades 1 – 4 Boys and Girls resume in the fall. 2 – 5 yearolds meet in the youth room behind the balcony from 10am – 11:15am.


Women's Daytime Tehillim, Wednesdays, 10:30-11:30am. Contact Arleeta for information, 301-649-0552.

Federal Jobs – Get the latest on federal jobs,, and KSAs from Joseph J. O'Hare of Montgomery College. Monday, June 25, 7:30-9pm, YISE Arcola Social Hall. Sponsored by JobAssist. Register at

Teen/Junior Summer Kollel – June 25 – July 19. Exciting classes, prizes, raffles, and refreshments! 5th – 6th Grade Boys: Monday – Thursday 7:30pm – 8:15pm. 7th – 9th Grade Boys: Monday – Thursday 8:15pm – 9pm. 10900 Lockwood Dr., Silver Spring. For a list of classes or more info,

"Focus on Halacha: Baby Care on Shabbos Part 2" – a shiur for women with Rabbi Eli Reingold. Monday, June 25, 8:30 pm at the YGW Boys' Campus, 1216 Arcola Ave. Presented by YGW Women's Alumnae Association and the Kollel Zichron Amram of the Yeshiva of Greater Washington. For more information contact Rabbi Reingold, 301-996-5910.

LinkedIn Networking Workshop – Find out what you must know to work LinkedIn. Tuesday, June 26, 7-8:30pm. Sponsored by OU. Info/register at

Advancing Chesed withTechnology – We need your ideas and energy for a YISE chesed group in formation that will tap technology to organize family, friends, and community to assist those in need with meals, rides, childcare, etc. To help or learn more, please contact Melanie Karlin,, or Max Rudmann,

Weekly Vigil to Free Alan Gross – Monday, June 25, 12 noon -1pm, 2630 16th St NW, DC, outside the Cuban Interests Section.

Found – A black sweat jacket was left in the shul during the 4year old nursery graduation. Please notify the office if it belongs to you.

To put an item in the Shabbos Shorts, send your news items to Regular deadlines are Wednesdays at 12 noon. Check the back page for upcoming deadlines around Yom Tovim, etc. Community programs are listed as space is available, at the discretion of the YISE staff. Submissions are subject to editing for space or stylistic requirements. There are no guarantees for non-Shul events.

Talk to the Rabbi -Rabbi Rosenbaum is available by phone (no meetings are scheduled) from 10am to 11am, Monday through Friday, barring extenuating circumstances. Of course, people can call at any time and either speak with him or leave a message. His office number is 301-593-4465, ext. 405.


M&O Exteriors has made a good start on the exterior renovation of the Arcola building. Demolition of the old exterior is complete on some areas. Once the demolition of the old exterior is complete the new surface, like that of the back building, will be installed. The noise and presence of the construction equipment will clearly cause some inconvenience to our members. We ask your patience as the project proceeds.

Reminder: Please caution your children against climbing on the scaffolding! It may look like a jungle gym to them, but it is not. It is construction equipment on a construction site and it can be dangerous. Please don't let your children roam unsupervised during this project. Please stay away from areas marked with yellow CAUTION tape.


Astoria Contracting has finished painting the Shul building at University Blvd. By Sunday evening the Nursery building should be at least half done. The project will, weather permitting, be completed early next week.

Annual Rosenblatt Lecture in Annapolis – Professor Jonathan Sarna of Brandeis University will deliver the annual Rabbi Morris D. and Rebbetzin Esther Rosenblatt z"l memorial lecture on July 1st at Congregation Kneseth Israel, 1125 Spa Road, Annapolis, MD 21403. His topic is "When Grant Expelled the Jews." Continental breakfast at 11 a.m., lecture at 12 noon. All are cordially invited to attend.

The unveiling for Mr. Sidney Becker will take place Sunday, June 24, 2pm, at the Ohev Sholom cemetery in S.E. Washington, 3237 15th place SE.

We regret to inform you of the passing of Ruth Brooks Spanglet, mother of former YISE member Rabbi William Altshul. The funeral was Thursday in Be'er Sheva. Shiva will be observed at Rechov Ayala 24, Be'er Sheva, telephone 972-08-642-4490. Rabbi Altshul will be observing Shiva at Rechov Harav Chen 7, Jerusalem 92514, telephone 972-02-566-3766, from noon on Monday, June 25.

Dump Your Chometz Food Drive a Success – According to Molly McGlinchy, Food Resources Coordinator for the Capitol Area Foodbank, YISE's pre-Pesach Food Drive contributed 775 pounds of food to hungry Washington area families. Yasher Koach!

For a list of greater Washington area gemachs please visit:


Shabbos, June 23 – Shlomo Mehlman, Aufruf, 8:45AM Main Minyan, Belonofsky Sanctuary

Shabbos, June 23 – Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Scholar-in-Residence. See insert for schedule of lectures

Sunday, June 24 – Business Ethics in the Workplace, 9:30am, Belonofsky Sanctuary

Missing from the tallis box – Tallis with red stripes and sentimental value, from grandfather. In a black bag with the name Shlomo Zalman in Hebrew, and representations of the 12 semiprecious, multi-colored stones of the Choshen Mishpat (the Kohain Gadol's breast plate). Call Stuart Cohen, 301-933-4700, if you have seen this.

Dedicate a window There are only a few stained glass windows left to dedicate at YISE, and the price of glass is going up. Dedicate your window before the price increase! For more details contact

Davening Times Week of June 24 – June 30, 2012

MORNING SERVICES (June 24 – June 30)

Univ. Arcola Sephardi (korbanot)

Sunday 8:00am 6:30/7:30/8:45am 7:30am "

Monday/Thursday 6:15am 6:45/7:35/8:30am 6:05am "

Tues/Wed/Friday 6:30am 6:55/7:35/8:30am 6:15am "



Sunday – Thursday – Arcola & University – 8:25pm

HALACHIC TIMES (June 24-June 30)

Talis & Tefillin 4:41am

Krias Sh'ma 9:27am

Mincha (Earliest) 1:50pm

NEXT SHABBOS, June 29-30, 2012 10 Tammuz 5772

Parashas Chukas Earliest Candle Lighting (Plag) 7:05pm

Light Candles by 8:19pm

Early Friday Mincha I – Arcola Large Social Hall 6:55pm

Friday Mincha – Nusach Sefard 7:00pm

Friday Mincha – Sephardi 7:00pm

Early Friday Mincha II – Belonofsky Sanctuary 7:15pm

Friday Mincha – University 7:15pm

Friday Mincha – Belonofsky Sanctuary 8:20pm

Early Shabbos Mincha I – Arcola 2:30pm

Early Shabbos Mincha II – Arcola 5:00pm

Shabbos Mincha – Sephardi 8:00pm

Shabbos Mincha – Arcola & University& Nusach Sefard 8:15pm

Shabbos Ends 9:27pm

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