Parashas Eikev – August 7-8, 2015

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Young Israel Shomrai Emunah – Shabbos Shorts

August 7-8, 2015 – 23 Av 5775 – Parshas Eikev – Mevorchim Hachodesh

Light Candles by 7:55 (and not before 6:46) – Havdalah 8:56

The Shabbos Shorts is sponsored this week by Fay Kasser in memory of Avraham ben Yitzchok Tzvi Hacohen Mincer.

Shabbos Schedule

Friday Night:

* Light Candles by 7:55, and not before 6:46

* Mincha:

Arcola: 6:30, 6:55, 7:55 University: 7:15 Sephardi: 7:00 Nusach Sefard: 7:00

Shabbos Day:

* Shacharis:

Arcola: 7:00, 8:00, 8:45 University: 8:30 Sephardi: 7:45 Nusach Sefard: 7:00

* Mincha:

Arcola: 2:30, 5:00, 7:50 University: 7:50 Sephardi: 7:30 Nusach Sefard: 7:50

* Maariv/Havdalah: 8:56

Divrei Torah:

* 8:45 Main Minyan Rabbi Silver

* 8:00 Minyan Rabbi Amram Hes

Kiddush Sponsors:

* Hashkamah/Nusach Sefard – Rivka & Yaakov Silverman in honor of the Aufruf of their son Reuvain.

* 8:00 Minyan – "The Chevra"

* Sephardi Minyan – Shula & Popi Elul

* 8:45 Main Minyan – "The Haimish Kiddush Group"

Shabbos Shiurim:

* Mrs. Yocheved Arzouan – Shiur will not meet this week.

* Rabbi David Hyatt – Shiur after Hashkamah Minyan, Beis Medrash.

* Rabbi Moshe Arzouan – Shiur after Sephardi Shacharit.

* Rabbi William Millen – Shiur will not meet this week.

* R' Moshe Haim Blate – Shiur at 6:15 PM, Large Beis Medrash.

* Rabbi Yehoshua Levy – Shiur at 7:00 PM, Large Beis Medrash.

* Rabbi Amram Hes – Shiur at 7:20 PM, Belonofsky Sanctuary.

* Rabbi Silver – Shiur after Mincha at Arcola.

* Rabbi Barry Greengart – Shiur after Mincha at University.

Mazal Tov

* Chana & Paul Berner on the birth of a grandson to their children Shira & Shmuel Pepper of Baltimore, and on the birth of a great-grandson to their grandchildren Fraidy & Shragi Penfil of Lakewood, NJ.

* Bev Morris & Art Boyars on the birth of their first grandchild, Talia Eve (Talia Chava), born to Michal & Jack Boyars, of Silver Spring. Also, Mazal Tov to Aunt Dova.

* Robin & Lawton Cooper and family on the recent marriage of Mickey to Chava Weisel, daughter of Elayna & Dr. Steve Weisel, neighbors in Ma'aleh Adumim; and Mazal Tov to the Coopers on the birth of a granddaughter and niece, Nechama Chaya, to Shoshana & Mark Gottlieb of Ma'aleh Adumim. Mazal Tov to Mrs. Francine Cooper on the birth of a great-granddaughter.

* Rivka & Yaakov Silverman on the occasion of the Aufruf of their son Reuvain, and his upcoming marriage to Sara Mindel Zuckerman, daughter of Goldie & Jeffrey Zuckerman of Passaic, NJ.

* Shaine Spolter on the Bar Mitzvah of her grandson, Chaim Zylberberg, on the birth of a great-granddaughter, Yocheved, to her granddaughter Yehudis (Zylberberg) Herman, and on the engagement of her grandson, Yaakov Zylberberg to Faigie Sheier.

* Ellyn Tanenberg on the birth of a grandson, Yona Lev, born to Emily & Elliott Rosenbaum.


* Miri Shoshani on the passing of her father, Yuri Lazko. The funeral took place in Israel on Tuesday. Shiva will be observed at 1014 S Belgrade Road through Monday morning. Minyan schedule for Mincha and Arvit ONLY: Sunday: 7:55.

YISE Programs and Listings

Take Me Out to the Ballgame – Join the YISE Social Committee to see the Washington Nationals take on the Colorado Rockies, Sunday, August 9. Game time: 1:35 PM. Limited tickets available: $10/each. To RSVP and purchase tickets contact

Camp Shomrai 2015 Community Carnival – Bring your family and friends. Join us for an evening of watery fun, food and entertainment. Monday, August 10 (NOTE NEW DATE), 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM. 813 University Blvd W. $5 per child under 10. For sale: hot dogs, chips and drinks. Moonbounce, dunk tank, giant water slide (bring your bathing suit!), cotton candy, popsicles, bubble activities, carnival games and prizes. Cover charge includes all activities except hot dogs, chips and drinks. Open to the whole community!

NEXT WEEKEND: YISE Rosh Chodesh Elul Shabbaton: "L'shana Shel Kavanah" – Shabbos, August 14 and 15. Inspirational Davening and Drashot; spiritual Shalosh Seudos (by reservation; $8/person); community Kumsitz / Melava Malkah (free and open to all). Part of the YISE Meaningful Tefilah Project. To sponsor or volunteer, contact or 301-980-9557. To RSVP for Shalosh Seudos, send check payable to YISE to shul office.

High Holiday Planning:

* Seat forms and information were mailed to all members. The seating forms and information are available in the boxes outside the Sanctuary and the Beis Medrash, and are also available on the Shul web site. The form can be completed on-line. It can then be mailed or dropped off with payment at the Shul or via e-mail, or call the Shul bookkeeper with credit card numbers.

* RH and YK Babysitting for childen ages 2-9 years old for $10 per child. Please see the flyer in the social hall lobby or contact for more information.

* The deadline for Hashomer Greetings has been extended until Wednesday, August 12. Please don't miss this as the Yom Tovim are early this year.

Dedicate a Brick and Help Build a Keilim Mikvah – Dedicate a brick in the path to the Cheryl Stern Community Keilim Mikvah at YISE. Your engraved brick will be placed on the sidewalk in front of the Mikvah.Donations are 100% tax deductible. For more details visit:

YISE Social Committee Annual End of Summer BBQ – Sunday, August 23, 12:30 PM – 4:00 PM at the Yeshiva Boys' Campus. Good times and good food. Games for all ages. $10 (adult), $5 (ages 2-8). For more details and to RSVP/Prepay go to For more information or to volunteer, contact

Help Make a Minyan – For the past 2 years you have been successfully helping University Blvd. Shul make a Minyan over Shabbos. However we need to refresh our rotation list with additional volunteers. As a volunteer you will be asked to attend Friday night and/or Shabbos services at University Blvd. only 4 times a year, if we anticipate a shortfall. Please contact Melvin Sassoon at to be part of this Mitzvah of helping to preserve a Minyan.

YISE Dedication Opportunities – Please take a moment to check out the YISE website to see exciting new naming opportunities available. Leaves, bricks, business card ads, and dedications are just some of the newly added content. Keep checking back as much more is planned in the very near future to enhance your experience at YISE.

The Rachel Bassan Horwitz Fund is used for medical needs in our area, elsewhere in the US, and in Israel. Thousands of dollars have been distributed to individuals requiring assistance. Our funds are depleting and in order to continue this much needed medical fund your financial help is needed! Tax deductible contributions may be made payable to: YISE Charity SPECIAL Fund, c/o Norma Burdett, 11720 Lovejoy St., Silver Spring, MD 20902. Earmark: Bassan Fund. For more information: Norma Burdett, 301-593-5964 or Pearl Bassan, 301-649-3137.

Shiurim from Rabbi Gedaliah Anemer, ZT"L, are available at

The Haimish Kiddush Group is looking for new members for Fiscal Year 2016. If you are interested in joining or have any questions, please contact Raph Ginsburg at

Weekday Shiurim

* Rabbi Rosenbaum's Mussar Study Group for Women (spiritual self-improvement), Sundays at 9:30 AM, in the room behind the Balcony – will resume on August 23.

* Rabbi Rosenbaum's Gemara Shiur for Men, Tuesdays and Fridays, 6:00 AM – 6:45 AM, in the room behind the Balcony – will resume on August 11.

* Rabbi Rosenbaum's Halacha Chabura for Men, Tuesday evenings. For more details, please contact – will resume on August 11.

* Rabbi Rosenbaum's Nach Shiur, Wednesdays at 11:00 AM, in the small Beis Medrash – now learning Sefer Yonah – will resume on August 12.

* Rabbi Rosenbaum's Chumash Shiur for Women, Wednesdays at 8:00 PM, in the small Beis Medrash – will resume on August 12.

* Rabbi Silver's Parsha Shiur for Men and Women. A mix of Halacha and Aggada. Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM at the home of Marion & Harry Felsen. Refreshments provided by the hosts.

* GWCK Sunday Kollel Brunch and Learn for Men – Sunday mornings. Bagel brunch at 9:30 AM followed by classes from 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM – Program is on break and will resume on August 16.

* Rabbi Levy's Amud Yomi Shiur, Sunday 6:25 AM- 7:25 AM and Monday through Friday 6:25 AM – 7:10 AM in the Beis Medrash.

* The Golden Network's Torah Hour with breakfast and learning, Tuesday mornings following the 8:30 Shacharis, in the Arcola Social Hall. Open to men and women. For more information 301-338-4810 or

* Bais Medrash Zichron Gedaliah – Tuesdays at 8:00 PM in the Social Hall; Maariv to follow – Program is on summer break and will resume in Elul.

* Rabbi Moshe Arzouan's Advanced Gemara Shiur for Men – Shiur is on summer break and will resume in August.

* GWCK Yesodei Hatorah, a skills-building program designed to foster Gemara proficiency, Thursdays at 8:45 PM in the small Social Hall – will resume on August 20.

YISE Youth Announcements

The Youth Minyan will NOT meet this week. The Minyan will resume on Shabbos Parshas Shoftim, August 22.

Please join us this week for groups: 2-5 year-olds meet in the youth room behind the balcony; Groups run 10:00 AM – 11:15 AM. Please pick up child(ren) promptly.

Second Annual Parsha and Popsicles in the Park – Shabbos, August 15 at 5:00 PM. For more information, contact

Community Programs and Listings

Daf Yomi meets in the Yeshiva Beis Medrash – Sunday at 6:30 AM, Monday through Thursday at 9:00 PM, and Shabbos 1-1/2 hours before regular Mincha.

Women's Discussion Group – Shabbos afternoons, 5:30 PM at the home of Mrs. Klavan, 1006 Lamberton Drive.

Tehillim – Wednesday mornings. Contact Arleeta Lerner for details 301-649-0552 – will resume on August 26.

Machzor Review – Get inspired for the Yomin Noraim! Study parts of the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur Tefilah with this informal learning group. Two more Monday nights, August 10 and 17, 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM, at the home of Stuart & Judy Rosenthal, 1220 Arcola Avenue. Bring your favorite Machzor, preferably with commentary. For information,

Toastmasters' Meeting – Wednesday, August 12, 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM in the YISE small Social Hall. See what Toastmasters is all about and find out how you can become a more confident communicator and leader. Contact Scott Schlesinger at for more information.

Boys SEED Summer Learning at YGW – Tiferes Gedaliah – Through August 13, 8:30 AM – 2:00 PM, Daily – Davening, learning, and activities. Please bring cereal and a bagged lunch, we will provide milk and paper goods. Located at the YGW Boys Campus. Cost: $25 per week per student. To sign up or for more information contact Rabbi Simmy Merkin at or 301-962-5111 ext. 1522

Lifnei Iver – The Laws of Impacting Others – Kollel Zichron Amram of YGW-Tiferes Gedaliah invites the community to the Semi-Annual Yom Iyun for Men, a morning of Yeshiva learning Sunday, August 30, YGW Boys Campus. To RSVP or for more information: contact Rabbi Moshe Haim Blate at 404-273-3392 or Sponsored L'iluy Nishmas Frances Carol (Taylor) Eizenstat by Jessica & Jay Eizenstat.

The Mikvah Emunah Society 2015 Dinner, honoring Donna & Jeff Lawrence will be held on Wednesday, September 2. To reserve seats online, go to, or mail in your RSVP card that came by mail.

Dirshu Daf Yomi B'Halacha on Hilchos Tefillin, learn Mishna Brurah with Rabbi Eli Reingold, Monday – Thursday evenings, 35 minutes before Mincha at YISE Arcola. For information contact him at 301-996-5910 or

Workplace Skills Workshop:

* Federal Jobs – 7 Tips and Tricks for Federal Job Applications – Monday, August 10, 12:00 noon – 12:30 PM. Free. Info and register at

The Week Ahead
Sunday, August 9 Monday, August 10 Tuesday, August 11 Wednesday, August 12 Thursday, August 13 Friday, August 14
Arcola 6:30, 7:30, 8:45 6:15, 6:45, 7:35, 8:30 6:30, 6:55, 7:35, 8:30 6:30, 6:55, 7:35, 8:30 6:15, 6:45, 7:35, 8:30 6:30, 6:55, 7:35, 8:30
Sephardi 7:30 6:15, 7:10 6:20, 7:15 6:20, 7:15 6:15, 7:10 6:20, 7:15

Mincha /Maariv
Arcola 7:55 7:55 7:55 7:55 7:55 See Shabbos schedule
Sephardi 7:50 7:50 7:50 7:50 7:50

Halachic Times: Earliest Talis & Tefillin: 5:24 AM, Latest Krias Shma: 9:44 AM, Earliest Mincha: 1:49 PM

Next Shabbos

August 14-15, 2015 – 30 Av 5775

Parshas Re'eh – Rosh Chodesh

Light Candles by 7:46 – Havdalah 8:47

Friday Night:

* Light Candles by 7:46, and not before 6:39

* Mincha:

Arcola: 6:20, 6:50, 7:50 University: 7:15 Sephardi: 7:00 Nusach Sefard: 7:00

Shabbos Day:

* Shacharis:

Arcola: 7:00, 8:00, 8:45 University: 8:30 Sephardi: 7:45 Nusach Sefard: 7:00

* Mincha:

Arcola: 2:30, 5:00, 7:00, 7:45 University: 7:45 Sephardi: 7:25 Nusach Sefard: 7:45

* Maariv/Havdalah: 8:47

Upcoming Events

Shabbos, August 8 Aufruf of Reuvain Silverman, 7:00

Sunday, August 9 Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Monday, August 10 Camp Shomrai 2015 Community Carnival

Monday, August 10 The Man with the Truck, 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Shabbos, August 14-15 Rosh Chodesh Elul Shabbaton: "L'shana Shel Kavanah."

Shabbos, August 15 Parsha and Popsicles in the Park, 5:00 PM

Sunday, August 23 YISE Social Committee BBQ

Next Shabbos Shorts Deadline: Wednesday, August 12 at 12:00 Noon.

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