Parashas Eikev – August 19-20, 2011

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YISE Shabbos Shorts

Shabbos, August 19-20, 2011

Parashas Eikev 20 Av, 5771

Earliest Candle Lighting 6:34pm Light Candles by 7:40pm

Friday Mincha (Plag) – Arcola 6:20pm

Friday Mincha – Nusach Sefard 7:00pm

Friday Mincha 2 – Social Hall 7:00pm

Friday Mincha – University 7:15pm

Friday Mincha – Sephardi 7:30pm

Friday Mincha – Arcola 7:40pm

Rabbi Rosenbaum will speak at the Youth Minyan.

Rabbi Will Yeamans will speak at the 8:45AM Main Minyan.

Rabbi Barry Greengart will speak at the 8AM Minyan.

The Hashkamah/Nusach Sefard Kiddush is sponsored by "The Group."

The 8AM Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by Steve Siesser on the occasion of his mother's 35th yahrzeit.

The 8:45AM Main Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by "The Haimish Kiddush Group" with cholent and kugel provided by Wrap2Go.

Early Shabbos Mincha – Arcola 5:00pm

Shabbos Mincha – Sephardi 7:20pm

Shabbos Mincha – Arcola & University 7:35pm

Shabbos Mincha – Nusach Sefard 7:35pm

Shabbos Ends 8:39pm


Leah & Yehoshua Scheininger on the birth of their daughter, Nechama Leeba.

Moish Linzer on the birth of a granddaughter, Chana (named after her grandmother, Annette, z"l) born to Varda & Eitan Morell of Talmon, Israel.

Esther & Jacob Edeson on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson Max Ezra Edeson, son of Helene & Nathan Edeson of Brooklyn. Mazal Tov also to grandmother Esther Gorny & to Max's siblings, Feige, Ian & Sammy Edeson, also to Aunt Raizel & Uncle Tommy Stern, and Uncle Dr. Marc Gorny & cousin Dovid Stern.

Lucy & Bernie Blitzstein on the engagement of their son Steven to Dana Fine, daughter of Nan & Dr. Marc Fine, of Deerfield, IL. Mazal Tov also to Steven's brothers, Marc and Adam, his bubbie Selma Blitzstein and to the aunts, uncles and cousins. Mazal Tov to Dana's sister-in-law and brother, Jessie & Jeremy Fine and to her grandparents, Birdie & Albert Fine.

Marie & Jacob Zuares and Janet & Joseph Gamson on the upcoming marriage of their children Mazal and Adam this Sunday. Mazal Tov also to the siblings, Eli, Rifka, Josh, Rachel and Seth and to all the mishpocha.


Florence Chelst and family on the passing of her mother, Ethel Becker, earlier this week. Burial was Thursday in Israel. Florence will sit Shiva in Israel at her son's home, 82/2 Tiferet Ramot, in Ramot. She will return to her home, 922 Brentwood Lane, to continue Shiva Monday afternoon, Aug. 22, and Tuesday, Aug. 23.

It's High Holiday seat time again and you've received your order forms. Please fill yours out and send in your request soon.


The Youth Minyan meets at 9:15am.

The Youth Minyan Kiddush is being sponsored by the Isser family on the occasion of the first Yahrtzeit of Rene's mother and David Yonatan, Ariel and Eitan's grandmother, Dvora vat Chaim Eliyahu. The Kiddush is also in honor of Ariel's leaving for a year of study in Israel at Yeshivat Har Etzion.

Youth Groups this Shabbos meet from 10am to 11:15am for 2-5 year-olds ONLY in the large Youth room behind the women's balcony. Groups for 1st – 4th grade boys and girls will resume in the fall.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Shiur for 6th-8th grade boys will meet this Shabbos 1 hour before Mincha.


Bais Medrash Zichron Gedaliah is on summer break.

Rabbi Zev Katz's Wednesday morning Chumash shiur is on summer break.

Rabbi Moshe Arzouan's Wednesday evening Advanced Men's Gemara shiur will resume Wednesday, August 31.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Gemara shiur for men, Tuesday and Friday mornings, Arcola Social Hall, 6:00-6:45am. The shiur covers Gemara, Rashi, and Tosfos with a look at practical halachic conclusions drawn from the sugyos. For more information contact Aaron Branda at or Rabbi Rosenbaum.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Sunday night shiur for men in Mishna Brurah meets at his home. For more information contact

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Wednesday night Women's shiur meets at 8pm in the Arcola Social Hall.

Linas Hatzedek is on hiatus from after Tisha B'Av until Elul Semester.

Yesodei HaTorah/Gemora Basics will resume Sept. 8 at 8pm.


R' Pinchas Werner – 8:15am Shiur, youth room behind the balcony. All are welcome.

Rabbi David Hyatt – Gemara Shiur after Hashkamah Minyan.

Rabbi Moshe Arzouan – Shiur after Sephardi Musaf.

Rabbi William Millen – Gemara Shiur 1 hour before Mincha.

Rabbi Yehoshua Levy – Shiur 1 hour before the Sephardi Mincha.

Rabbi Amram Hes – Parsha shiur will not meet this Shabbos.

Rabbi Rosenbaum – Shiur between Mincha and Maariv at Arcola.

Rabbi Will Yeamans – Shiur between Mincha and Maariv at University Blvd..

Mrs. Yocheved Arzouan – Shiur 9am, upstairs behind the women's balcony.

Best wishes to Yahaloma & Aryeh Schnapp on their return to Israel after 4 years in the Kemp Mill community. The Schnapps thank everyone for the great time they had here and hope to keep in touch.

The Candy Man opens – The new Kosher candy shop, under Vaad supervision, next to Magruder's in the Kemp Mill Shopping Center. Grand Opening Sunday, Aug. 21, 1-4pm. Fun for the whole family with face painting, balloon artistry, and tasting of various Candy Man products. 301-681-1100.

Reminder- Announcements are listed as space is available, at the discretion of the YISE staff. Listings for non-Shul events may appear one time if space is needed for Shul events, or may appear more often if space permits. Submissions are subject to editing for space or stylistic requirements.


Women's Daytime Tehillim Group will resume in September.

The Kemp Mill Shabbos Afternoon Women's Shiur will take place this Shabbos, August 20, 5pm, at the home of Carrie Gluck, 11715 Saddlerock Road. Rivky Krest will be speaking.

The Women's Group meeting at the home of Mrs. Klavan, 1106 Arcola, will have a discussion this Shabbos, 5:30pm, on the book Power of the Positive Word.

How To Stay Focused in Your Jobsearch – Come join the Job Club Thursday nights at 7:30 pm. Learn how to better present yourself, expand your network, to land work. The

Kemp Mill Employment Assistance Initiative has been helping people for years! Come see for yourself at YISE Arcola Small Social Hall. For more information, and to confirm the meeting is on for this week, contact Richard Dine,, or Cheryl Jacobson,

Tehillim for Shidduchim – Next Sunday, Aug. 21, many of the regular participants of this Tehillim Group will be away on vacation or attending weddings. Help is needed to say all of the tehillim, so attendees are asked to bring a friend or two at 7:00pm to Southeast Hebrew Congregation!

PowerPoint Online in One Week – Beginners classes are August 22-25. Intermediate classes are August 29-September 1. All classes are 7:45-9:45pm. Sponsored by the Orthodox Union. For prerequisites and fees and to register (required), go to www.ou/jobs/webcasts.

Resume Tuneup – JobAssist's resume gurus, Len Schwartz and David Marwick, will help you fine-tune your resume for free. Monday evening, August 22, Arcola Social Hall. 15-minute time slots still available at 7:15, 8:15, and 8:30pm. To reserve your time slot, email For other job-related assistance, email Avi Zemelman at

Ask a Job Search Expert and Get Answers – JSSA presents a free forum on Thursday, August 25, 7:00-8:30pm, 200 Wood Hill Road, Rockville. Learn about (1) selling vs. telling your story, (2) new job search strategies, and (3) ways to overcome obstacles to getting "the" job. For info, email To register (required), go to

Helpline for Frum with Addictions – Do you, or some one you love, have a problem with drugs, alcohol, overeating, or any other form of addiction? Please call 1-866-zehayom for confidential help geared toward the frum community. Sponsored in part by the Yehuda Mond Foundation.

Rides and Volunteers for Seniors – The Senior Connection, a non-profit organization serving lower Montgomery County, provides free escorted rides to scheduled medical appointments, helps with grocery shopping and pays friendly visits or makes phone calls to share companionship. For help contact Volunteers are also needed, with trips typically scheduled during non-rush hours and less than 5 miles from home. For more information go to or contact Marcia Custer, 301-962-0820.

Cell Phone Found -. Please call 301-593-0248 to claim.


Tuesday, Aug. 23 – YISE Board of Directors meeting will be 8:15 pm, in the Arcola small Beis Medrash

Shabbos, August 27 – Bar Mitzvah of Yisrael Katz, 8:45AM Main Minyan

Sunday, Sept. 4 – Save the date for YISE's end of summer barbecue! 4:30pm – 7pm. Stay tuned for more details!

The YISE Safety Committee has placed 3 emergency phones around the Shul: one upstairs near the shul office under the sink, one near the meat kitchen under the sink in the social hall, and one in the First Aid kit under the tallesim near the Belonofsky Sanctuary. These phones only call 911.

It's your Shul- please care for it like you would want your home cared for.

Davening Times Week of Aug. 21 – Aug. 27, 2011

MORNING SERVICES (Aug. 21 – Aug. 27)

Univ. Arcola Sephardi (korbanot)

Sunday 8:00am 6:30/7:30/8:45am 7:30am "

Monday/Thursday 6:15am 6:45/7:35/8:30am 6:05am "

Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 6:30am 6:55/7:35/8:30am 6:15am "

Shabbos 8:30am 7:00/7:00/8:00/8:45am 8:15am

AFTERNOON SERVICES Mincha-Maariv (Aug. 21 – Aug. 25)

Sunday through Thursday – Arcola & University 7:35pm

HALACHIC TIMES (Aug. 21 – Aug. 27)

Talis & Tefillin 5:37am

Krias Sh'ma 9:48am

Mincha (Earliest) 1:45pm

Next Shabbos, August 26-27, 2011

Parashas Re'eh Shabbos Mevorchim 27 Av, 5771

Earliest Candle Lighting 6:26pm Light Candles by 7:30pm

Friday Mincha (Plag) – Arcola 6:15pm

Friday Mincha – Nusach Sefard 7:00pm

Friday Mincha 2 – Social Hall 7:00pm

Friday Mincha – University 7:15pm

Friday Mincha – Sephardi 7:30pm

Friday Mincha – Arcola 7:30pm

Early Shabbos Mincha – Arcola 5:00pm

Shabbos Mincha – Sephardi 7:10pm

Shabbos Mincha – Arcola & University 7:25pm

Shabbos Mincha – Nusach Sefard 7:25pm

Shabbos Ends 8:28pm

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