Parashas Bechukosai – May 31 – June 1, 2024

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Candle Lighting 8:09, not before 6:55 | Havdalah 9:17

YISE Supports Israel

Our thoughts and prayers are focused on Israel. Please see the back of this sheet for various things you can do to support Israel.

Mazal Tov

Aliza & Gil Chlewicki on the Bar Mitzvah of their son Simcha Lev and to siblings Bina & Meira and to the extended family.

Lois Meyers on the birth of a great-granddaughter, Meital Leah. Mazal Tov to the parents, Leora & Natanel Esraeilian of Long Beach, NY and grandparents, Hadassa & Dr. Oren Meyers of Cleveland.

Michelle & Doug Shelling on the engagement of their daughter Sarah to Joel Brooks, son of Sarita & Yisrael Brooks of Chicago. Mazal Tov to Sarah's grandmother Judith Hyman and step-grandmother Judith Hahn and to her twin brother Ben. Congratulations also to Joel's siblings, Bayla & Aaron Benjamin and Aviva & David Glogower.

Marla & Marty Teichman on the birth of a great-granddaughter. Mazal Tov to the parents Shira & Rabbi Binyomin Schuck and to the grandparents Randee & Rabbi Menasha Goldberger.


Iris Bashein on the passing of her father, Israel Sevi.

Aliza Chlewicki on the passing of her mother, Rochelle Sacknovitz. Shiva is being observed at 11602 Monticello Ave. through Sunday morning. Shacharis: Sunday, 8:00 AM.

Bernice Cohen and Wendy Penn on the passing of their father, Robert Reuven Weigert. Shiva will be observed through Sunday: 1111 University Blvd. W. Apt 719.

Kiddush Sponsors

Hashkamah Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by the Hashkamah Minyan Kiddush Group.

Shul Kiddush is sponsored by Aliza & Gil Chlewicki in honor of the Bar Mitzvah of their son Simcha Lev.

Sephardic Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by Tamar & Bitsu Balay in honor of their son Omer reading his Bar Mitzvah Parsha, Parshat Bechukotai and by Shula & Popi Eloul in memory of Popi's father, .îàéø áï ñéîé

Shalosh Seudos is sponsored by the Shalosh Seudos Group.


Pre-Shavuos Learning at YISE – Prepare for Matan Torah with the many learning opportunities! This week – 8:30-9:15 PM in the Small Beis Midrash: Tuesday and Thursday, June 4 and 6, Men's Night Seder followed by Maariv at 9:15 PM. Wednesday June 5, Women's learning with Mrs. Channah Cohen. See flyer for topics, details and further learning.

Pre-Shavuos Inspiration – Join Rabbi Postelnek for a Shiur followed by singing and music. "Mesirus Nefesh and Matan Torah: Finding Greatness in the Daily Grind". Social Hall, Sunday, June 9, 8:30 PM with Maariv at 9:15 PM. See flyer.

Shavuos Food Drive – Help bring Simchas Yom Tov to the Capital Kosher Pantry by donating to our Shavuos Food Drive! We'd greatly appreciate donations of Don Pepino Pizza Sauce, Canned Olives & Pickles, Near East Rice Mixes, Canned Salmon, Kedem Grape Juice & more. Drop off in box at YISE or ship to or drop off at: Capital Kosher Pantry, 9601 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20901.

Tikkun Leil Shavuos – Interactive learning, Shiurim, Shiur for Boys Grades4-6 and High School Boys Learning. See flyer

Shavuos Learning for Women – Mrs. Sharon Freundel will speak on "Lifting Our Eyes: A Close Reading of Psalm 121," and Mrs. Atara Rosenbaum will speak on "Sequel to Sinai: Lessons from the Golden Calf," in the Belonofsky Sanctuary on the 1st day Shavuos, Wednesday, June 12, from 4 PM to 5 PM. Sponsored by YISE Women's Learning Initiative. See flyer

Shabbos Schedule

Minyan Locations:

B – Belonofsky Sanctuary, S – Social Hall, LBM – Large Beis Medrash, SBM – Small Beis Medrash, H – The House


Mincha/Maariv: 6:40 (Plag, S) 7:00 (B), 8:10 (B) 7:15 (Sephardi, LBM)

Shacharis: 7:00 (B), 8:45 (B), 9:15 (S), 8:00 (Sephardi, LBM), 9:15 (Teen, H)

Mincha: 2:30 (B), 5:00 (B), 7:50 (B), 8:00 (Sephardi, LBM)

Shalosh Seudos: 8:15 (S)

Maariv: 9:17 (B)


8:45 Minyan: (B) Rabbi Rosenbaum

9:15 Minyan: (S) Rabbi Postelnek

Hashkamah Minyan Gemara Shiur: (SBM) Rabbi Yitzchak Grossman

Ohr HaChaim Chabura: 8:55 (S) Rabbi Postelnek

Parsha Shiur before Mincha: 6:50 (B) Rabbi Rosenbaum

Youth Announcements

Teen Minyan – 9:15 AM in The House, followed by Kiddush

Shabbos Groups – 10 AM until shul ends

Toddler Group, under 2 with parent, Toddler Room

Kinder Group, 2-5, upstairs behind the balcony

Boys 6-9 & Girls 6-9 and 5th-6th Grade Girls, meet in lower lobby and walk to YGW

High School Boys Trivia Night – Saturday, June 8. see flyer

Shavuos learning 4th grade & up, preschool programming & ice cream social.

Graduates Kiddush – June 22 – mark your calendar!


Shabbos and Weekday Shiurim Sponsors

Hashkamah Minyan Shiur is sponsored by David Jaray in appreciation of Rabbi Grossman and all those who attend his shiur, and in memory of all those who have lost their lives in Israel. May Hashem bless Israel with complete and speedy victory and Brachos for the Israeli soldiers, hostages, students, and all of Israel

Rabbi Hyatt's Gemara Shiur was sponsored by David Jaray in appreciation of Rabbi Grauman and all those who attend his shiur, and in memory of Rabbi Hyatt, A"H and to all of those who have lost their lives in Israel. May their Neshamas have an Aliyah. Refuah Shlema to all those that are wounded and ill, and to all of those that have been traumatized in Israel during these times.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Mesilas Yesharim Shiur was sponsored by Chayie & Rabbi Hirsh Chinn in memory of Chayie's mother, Aidel Vitte bas R' Yoel on her 9th Yahrzeit.

YISE Supports Israel

YISE invites members with family on active IDF duty to share their profiles at

YISE maintains a community-wide Tehillim WhatsApp group. To join, visit To submit names of soldiers serving in the IDF for tefilot, please send the soldier's Hebrew name and his/her mother's Hebrew nameto

We pray that our soldiers will return soon to their peacetime roles, and in the interim ask our members to daven and undertake other zechuyos on behalf of these and other IDF personnel defending Israel and our people.

Hear from a Chayal on Yom Ha'Zikaron – A recording of IDF chayal, Ezra Postelnek in conversation with his brother, Rabbi Postelnek, is available at

Tefilah We gather in the Belonofsky Sanctuary on Sunday evenings after Mincha/Maariv for 15 minutes of communal Tehillim. Additionally, Tehillim are recited at each daily and Shabbos minyan.

Shiur for Israel Update: Rabbi Rosenbaum leads a daily 15-minute Zoom of Tehillim recital and study of Pirkei Avos with Rabenu Yonah, Sunday through Friday at 12:30 PM on Zoom A.

Tzedaka A list of charitable organizations is available at:

As we engage our efforts through tefilah, tzedakah and political action, let us also beseech Hashem daily to bring safety to the citizens of Israel, success to its military, and clarity to its leadership.

Upcoming YISE Events

A Time for Unity – Special speaker series at Chabad of Silver Spring, 519 Lamberton Drive, Shabbos afternoon at 6:15 PM. This year's theme: From Struggle to Strength: Shavuot's message for us and Eretz Yisroel. June 1 – Rabbi Michoel Frank, June 8 – Rabbi Brahm Weinberg.

Rabbi Koss's Monthly Jewish History Class – Join us on Zoom! Rabbi Koss will be speaking on a topic in Jewish history, Monday, June 3 from 2 PM – 3 PM on Zoom A. Sponsored by Bikur Cholim of Greater Washington and the YISE Chesed Committee.

Securing Houses of Worship Training – Councilmember Natali Fani-González, the Montgomery County Office of Emergency Services and Homeland Security, and YISE are hosting a security training/briefing session on June 3 at 7 PM in the YISE Social Hall. The event is open to the entire community. The training will go over CRASE (Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events), as well as services and programs offered by Montgomery County. RSVPs requested to see flyer

The Golden Network: Lunch & Learn – "Insights into Megillas Rus" with Mrs. Sima Jacoby. Wednesday, June 5 at 11:45 AM at YISE. RSVP by June 2 to see flyer

Limud on the Lawn – A monthly exploration of different Torah luminaries through the ages at YISE members' homes. Rabbi Postelnek will speak about the Ri Ha-Zaken on June 22 at 6 PM on the lawn of Dr. Jerry and Tsipi Hawk, 819 Bromley St. see flyer YISE Graduation Kiddush – Honor your graduates at Kiddush on June 22. Send your donation of $18 to YISE by June 18. Include sponsor name, graduate name, school and grade. see flyer

Zoom Connection details in the SHMA and at Flyers are available at

* Yom Yerushalayim – Wednesday, June 5, Shacharis Davening starting at 6:25 AM in the Belonofsky Sanctuary with expanded Davening and Tefilos in honor of Yom Yerushalayim. The other Shacharis Minyanim will meet at their regular times, without special additions.

The Week Ahead

Wednesday, June 5 – Yom Yerushalayim

Friday, June 7 – Rosh Chodesh

Halachic Times: Latest Alos Hashachar 4:02 AM, Earliest Talis and Tefilin: 4:40 AM, Latest Netz: 5:44 AM, Latest Krias Shema: 9:24 AM, Earliest Mincha: 1:45 PM, Earliest Shkia: 8:29 PM, Latest Tzeis Hacochavim 9:21 PM

Next Shabbos

June 7-8, 2024

2 Sivan 5784

Parashas Bamidbar

Candle lighting: 8:14 not before: 6:59

Havdalah: 9:21

Friday Night:

Mincha/Maariv: 6:40 (Plag, S), 7:00 (B), 8:15 (B) 7:15 (Sephardi, LBM)

Shabbos Day:

Shacharis: 7:00 (B), 8:45 (B), 9:15 (S), 8:00 (Sephardi, LBM), 9:15 (Teen, H)

Mincha: 2:30 (B), 5:00 (B), 7:55 (B), 8:05 (Sephardi, LBM)

Shalosh Seudos: 8:20 (S)

Maariv: 9:21