Parashas Balak – July 8-9, 2011

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The Shabbos Shorts is sponsored this week by Lee & Craig Oppenheim on the occasion of the yahrzeits of Craig's mother, Yetta Oppenheim, Yacha bat Menachem Mendel, z"l, and Lee's father, Harry Zuckerberg, Tzvi Hersch ben Avram, z"l, and also sponsored by Vivian Kirshenbaum on the occasion of the yahrzeit of her mother, Berta Morgenstern, Bryna bas Chaim Tzvi, z"l.

Shabbos, July 8-9, 2011

Parashas Balak 7 Tammuz, 5771

Earliest Candle Lighting 7:05pm Light Candles by 8:18pm

Friday Mincha (Plag) – Arcola 6:50pm

Friday Mincha – Nusach Sefard & Sephardi 7:00pm

Friday Mincha – University 7:15pm

Friday Mincha 2 – Arcola Social Hall 7:30pm

Friday Mincha – Arcola 8:20pm

Rabbi Rosenbaum will speak at the 8AM and 8:45AM Main Minyan.

The Hashkamah/Nusach Sefard Kiddush is sponsored by Zipporah & Jason Rosenblatt, in memory of his parents, Rebbetzin Esther & Rabbi Morris Rosenblatt, and also sponsored by Judy & Jeff Graber, with sincere appreciation for the warm welcome & being part of the "Shomrai family."

The 8AM Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by "The Chevra" with cholent and kugel provided by Wrap2Go.

The 8:45AM Main Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by "The Haimish Kiddush Group."

Early Shabbos Mincha – Arcola 5:00pm

Shabbos Mincha – Sephardi 8:00pm

Shabbos Mincha – Arcola & University 8:15pm

Shabbos Mincha – Nusach Sefard 8:15pm

Shabbos Ends 9:24pm


Rosanne & Howard Benn on the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter, Yocheved Lipman, daughter of Miriam (Michelle) & Rabbi Dovid Lipman, of Beitar Illit, Israel. Mazal Tov also to aunt Ahuva & uncle Yaakov Lipman.

Rebbetzin Yocheved Anemer on the marriage of her granddaughter, Rivka, daughter of Rabbi & Mrs. Zev Anemer, to Chaim Berman.

Marla & Marty Teichman on the birth of a great grandson, Naftali, born to Ahuva & Yom Tov Goldberger. Grandparents are Randee & Rabbi Menashe Goldberger.

Arona & Rabbi Amram Hes on the birth of a baby boy. Mazal Tov also to the grandparents, Sara & Rabbi David Hyatt and Debby & Cantor Ezra Hes. The Shalom Zachor will be held at the Hes residence, 1002 South Belgrade, 9:30pm Friday night.


Shirley Sperling and family on the passing of her husband, Abraham Sperling. The funeral took place on Tuesday. Shiva is being observed at 713 Northwood Terrace through Monday morning. Shacharis Sunday 8:00am, Monday 6:45am. Mincha/Maariv Sunday 8:20pm. The family requests no visitors on Motzai Shabbos or between 12:00 noon & 1:30pm, between 6:00pm & 7:30pm or after 9:30pm.

Please don't park in the Shul/Parkland Pool lot this Sunday from 2 pm to 6 pm. Thank you for your cooperation.


Bais Medrash Zichron Gedaliah is on summer break.

Rabbi Zev Katz's Wednesday morning Chumash shiur is on summer break.

Rabbi Moshe Arzouan's Wednesday evening Advanced Men's Gemara shiur

for men meets one hour before Mincha at University Blvd.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Gemara shiur for men meets Tuesday and Friday mornings, in the Social Hall, 6:00-6:45am.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Sunday night shiur for men in Mishna Brurah meets at his home. For more information contact

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Wednesday night Women's shiur meets at 8pm in the small Social Hall.

Linas Hatzedek – The Greater Washington Community Kollel – Due to the upcoming Three Weeks, Linas Hatzedek will continue the topic of "Gossip and Slander – Hold Your Tongue." The program is presented jointly with the YISE Adult Education Committee, Sunday mornings 9:30am, following the 8:45 Shacharis.

Gemara Basics – The Greater Washington Community Kollel's weekly Yesodei Hatorah shiur for men meets on Thursdays, 8:40pm, in the Arcola Social Hall.


R' Pinchas Werner – 8:15am Shiur, youth room behind the balcony. All are welcome.

Rabbi David Hyatt – Gemara Shiur after Hashkamah Minyan.

Rabbi Moshe Arzouan – Shiur after Sephardi Musaf.

Rabbi William Millen – Gemara Shiur 1 hour before Mincha.

Rabbi Amram Hes – Parsha shiur will not meet this Shabbos.

Rabbi Rosenbaum – Shiur between Mincha and Maariv at Arcola.

R' Moshe Kasser – Shiur between Mincha and Maariv at Arcola.

Mrs. Yocheved Arzouan – Shiur 9am, upstairs behind the women's balcony.

Talk to the Rabbi -Rabbi Rosenbaum is available by phone (no meetings are scheduled) from 10am to 11am, Sunday through Friday, barring extenuating circumstances. Of course, people can call at any time and either speak with him or leave a message. His office number is 301-593-4465, ext. 405.

Kashrut Alert – BJ's Wholesale Club Inc. Freshly Baked Bagels- Several BJ's Wholesale Club stores sell freshly baked bagels. The Orthodox Union does not certify any of the BJ's bakeries. Some bags for these bagels display an unauthorized OU. BJ's Wholesale Club is changing their bags and are removing the bags with the OU.

Reminder- Announcements are listed as space is available, at the discretion of the YISE staff. Listings for non-Shul events may appear one time if space is needed for Shul events, or may appear more often if space permits. Submissions are subject to editing for space or stylistic requirements.

Time to Clean Out Lost & Found and the Coat Racks! The Shul has clothing and toys that have been left behind in the building. If you are missing something, please check the boxes in the corner of the downstairs coatroom. Also, if you have left coats hanging up either upstairs or downstairs, please take them home. They will be given away to charity if not claimed by Monday, July 18. Thank you for your cooperation.


Women's Daytime Tehillim Group – 2pm-3pm, Tuesdays. For information contact Arleeta Lerner, 301-649-0552.

The Women's Group meeting at the home of Mrs. Klavan, 1106 Arcola Avenue, will have an open discussion this Shabbos at 5:30pm.

The Kemp Mill Shabbos Afternoon Women's Shiur will meet this Shabbos, July 9, 5pm, at the home of Jennifer Tabin, 11728 Auth Lane. Rachel Kosowsky,

MJBHA Tanach teacher, will speak on the topic of: "Do you believe in magic? Miracles and magic in the thought of Rambam and Ramban." Online Computer Classes – The OU will offer series of online classes, starting on the dates shown: Adobe Flash Web & Mobile Development, Tuesday, July 12; MS Excel (intermediate), Wednesday, July 13; and MS Excel (beginners), Thursday, July 14. For info, prerequisites, and fees and to register (required), go to

Rides and Volunteers for Seniors – The Senior Connection, a non-profit serving lower Montgomery Co., provides free escorted rides to scheduled medical appointments, helps with grocery shopping and pays friendly visits or makes phone calls to share companionship. For assistance contact Volunteer drivers also needed. Trips are typically scheduled during non-rush hours and less than 5 miles from home. For information go to or contact Marcia Custer, 301-962-0820.

The Rabbi Morris and Rebbetzin Esther Rosenblatt Memorial Lecture will take place Sunday, July 10, at Congregation Kneseth Israel, 1125 Spa Road, Annapolis. Erica Brown will speak on "The Challenge of Jewish Leadership." The lecture is free and open to the public. Continental breakfast: 10 a.m.; lecture: 11am.

"You Have the Right To Remain Jewish!" – LVPD Detective Steve Riback, the "Kosher Cop." Tuesday evening, July 12, 8pm, preceded by Mincha at 7:45pm. Come hear about his journey to spiritual discovery, faith and Jewish pride. Presented by Greater Washington Community Kollel, 10900 Lockwood Dr. For info:

Teen Summer Kollel for boys entering grades 7-9 Monday thru Thursday 8:15
– 9:00PM and Junior Summer Kollel for boys entering grades 5-6 Tuesday and
Thursday 8:15 – 9:00PM. Prizes, raffles and refreshments! June 27 – July 21 at
the Greater Washington Community Kollel, 10900 Lockwood Dr.

Free jobsearch – JSSA offers a wide range of jobsearch programs. (1) Navigating the Rough Seas of Today's Job Search: A Free Workshop for Recent College Graduates, Wepm, presented by Marty Tillman, who coordinates employee development for JSSA's free on-line job board; (2) Is Your Job Search Keeping You Awake at Night?, an interactive Q&A job search program; Thurs., Aug. 25 • 7:00-8:30pm. For more details call 301-610-8380 or email:

How to stay focused in your jobsearch – Come join the Job Club Thursday nights at 7:30 pm. Learn how to better present yourself, expand your network, to land work. The Kemp Mill Employment Assistance Initiative has been helping people for years! Come see for yourself at YISE Arcola Small Social Hall. For more information, and to confirm the meeting is on for this week, contact Richard Dine,, or Cheryl Jacobsen,


Sunday, July 10 – Washington Nationals vs Colorado Rockies,YISE Social Committee at Jewish Community Day at Nationals Park, 1:35pm. Tickets $8 thru YISE Social Committee. Please contact ASAP! Seats are limited.


The Youth Minyan meets at 9:15am.

The Youth Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by the Youth Minyan Kiddush Group.

Youth Groups this Shabbos meet from 10am to 11:15am for 2-5 year-olds ONLY in the large Youth room behind the women's balcony. Groups for 1st – 4th grade boys and girls will resume in the fall.

Rabbi Rosenbaum's Shiur for 6th-8th grade boys meets 1 hour before Mincha on Shabbos.

It's your Shul- care for it like you would want your home cared for.

Davening Times Week of July 10 – July 16, 2011

MORNING SERVICES (July 10 – July 16)

Univ. Arcola Sephardi (korbanot)

Sunday 8:00am 6:30/7:30/8:45am 7:30am "

Monday/Thursday 6:15am 6:45/7:35/8:30am 6:05am "

Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 6:30am 6:55/7:35/8:30am 6:15am "

Shabbos 8:45am 7:00/7:00/8:00/8:45am 8:15am "

AFTERNOON SERVICES Mincha-Maariv (July 10- July 14)

Sunday-Thursday – Arcola & University 8:20pm

HALACHIC TIMES (July 10 – July 16)

Talis & Tefillin 4:52am

Krias Sh'ma 9:32am

Mincha (Earliest) 1:51pm

Beginning July 23, the University Blvd. Shabbos Shacharis minyan will start at 8:30am.
Next Shabbos, July 15-16, 2011

Parashas Pinchas 14 Tammuz, 5771

Earliest Candle Lighting 7:02pm Light Candles by 8:15pm

Friday Mincha (Plag) – Arcola 6:50pm

Friday Mincha – Nusach Sefard & Sephardi 7:00pm

Friday Mincha – University 7:15pm

Friday Mincha 2 – Arcola Social Hall 7:30pm

Friday Mincha – Arcola 8:15pm

Early Shabbos Mincha – Arcola 5:00pm

Shabbos Mincha – Sephardi 7:55pm

Shabbos Mincha – Arcola & University 8:10pm

Shabbos Mincha – Nusach Sefard 8:10pm

Shabbos Ends 9:20pm

Next Shabbos Shorts Deadline: Wednesday, July 13, at 12 Noon.

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