End of Life Decisions – The Perspectives of a Rabbi and a Doctor

Rabbi Rosenbaum and Dr. Theo Heller discuss decisions about starting, continuing, and ending life support. The program covers a number of topics:

1) how Jewish law and medicine view end of life issues;
2) engaging your rabbi and doctors when these issues arise; and
3) some of the forms available to give caregivers guidance regarding end of life issues, such as the MOLST form, Medical Order for Life Sustaining Treatment.

The program also provides some scenarios to explain how Jewish law may be applied. The program was held on Sunday, October 26, at Young Israel Shomrai Emunah, sponsored by the Bikur Cholim of Greater Washington and the chesed committees of the Kemp Mill community.

Click here for an audio-only download

Two versions of the video are available:

High Resolution (FIOS or cable internet recommended):

Low Resolution (DSL and mobile connections):

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