YISE Lulav & Esrog Fundraiser 2020

Order your Lulavim & Esrogim from YISE and help support the Shul!

YISE is working this year with Josh Breitstein to bring you the finest quality Arba Minim sets. Josh has over 40 years of experience and is committed to the best in quality and customer service.

Please specify in the Notes if you have a preference for with or without Pitom.

It's easy:

  1. Place your order with the form below
  2. Order deadline: Friday, September 3
  3. Pickup will be on Sunday, September 19, 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
  4. The pickup procedure will be as follows:
    • Pickup is at the YISE lower lobby/glass doors.
    • Park in the shopping center lot. There is very limited space in the YISE driveway, which is reserved for those with handicapped parking permits.
    • Please wear a mask.
    • If there are others waiting to pick up, please be patient. Everyone will be taken care of.
    • Only one customer at a time will be allowed inside the lobby.
  5. Payment at pickup – check payable to Josh Breitstein, or cash. If you bring cash, exact change is helpful.


  • Aleph/Premium set – $80.00
  • Beis/Good set – $65.00
  • Gimmel/Standard set – $55.00
  • Chinuch set – $36.00

Due to COVID-19 / delta variant concerns, our distribution will not be allowing personal choosing and guidance. Please accept our apologies. As you understand, we are following the safety guidelines provided by the County and by the shul. As always, the priority of everyone's safety and health are important. Although your set may not be one you would have chosen, please accept it with joy and understanding.

  • Orders will be lined up and ready to go, inside the lower lobby. Each order will include pre-selected Esrogim based on the type of order (Aleph, Beis, Gimmel, Chinuch) and with/without Pitom, plus the other Minim. Depending on the number of people in line, there may be a short wait to pick up your order.
  • unfortunately this year due to the scheduling of the Yom Tovim pickup can only happen on 1 day.
  • We are not scheduling specific individual pickup times. However, if you do plan on a particular time, contact Josh and he will make sure to have your order ready at that time.

If you are unable to pick up at the designated time, please contact lulav@yise.org or Josh Breitstein at 301-346-7838 as soon as possible to make arrangements.


"Best" quality Arba Minim – Lulav & Esrog set.

Cost: $ 80.00 each


Middle quality Arba Minim – Lulav & Esrog set.

Cost: $ 65.00 each


Standard quality Arba Minim – Lulav & Esrog set.

Cost: $ 55.00 each


Chinuch set Araba Minim – Lulav & Esrog set.
Cost: $ 36.00 each

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ORDERS ARE NO LONGER BEING ACCEPTED. If you have placed an order and have any questions, please contact lulav@yise.org.
If you have any questions, please contact lulav@yise.org or Josh Breitstein at 301-346-7838. Thank you for supporting YISE.