Greater Washington Community Kollel Shabbaton

Greater Washington Community Kollel
in conjunction with
Young Israel Shomrai Emnuah

The Third Annual Shabbaton
Parshas Bo
January 28

There will be presentations at Shomrai throughout Shabbos,
including the following by Rabbi Menachem Winter, Rosh Kollel:

8:45 Minyan
Makkos and Miracles:
Foundations for an Emergent Nation

Between Mincha and Maariv
Pay, Do Not Delay:
A Comprehensive Analysis of the Mitzvah of Timely Payments

In addition, please join us at the following programs:

Friday Night Oneg Shabbos – 8:00pm
Home of Yaakov and Ahuva Lipman, 11704 Fulham Street

Women’s Class – 3:15pm
The Jewish Woman:
Faith in the Darkness, Hope in the Night
Mrs. Sara Malka Winter
Home of David and Chava Katzoff, 1111 Arcola Ave.

For more information please contact – Fred Glogower – 301-593-8057

Click here for flyer (PDF)