Eruv 2023 Appeal

707 Lamberton Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20902

July 2023 – Tammuz 5783

Silver Spring Eruv Association, Inc., has funds on hand to operate the Hillandale-White Oak-Northwood-Kemp Mill-Wheaton Eruv for about four more weeks. If you benefit from that Eruv, please donate NOW to keep it going. Free the SSEA volunteers from the chore of fundraising so they will have more time available to maintain your Eruv.

We hope to avoid the expense and volunteer labor of our former postal appeal. Please respond without waiting for the familiar flyer and envelope. (What happened to the Annual Eruv Appeal around the Yomim Nora’im? See below.)

The suggested donation is $54 per household. Smaller or larger donations will be gratefully accepted.

There are two ways to make your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation:

By PayPal, either of two ways:

* From your account, to

* By using this Donate button:

By check, payable to SSEA, and mailed to SSEA, 707 Lamberton Dr., Silver Spring, MD 20902

Please DO NOT make your donation to any shul. That would make extra work for the shul office.

SSEA is an independent 501(c)(3) organization, not associated with any shul or other organization. Our Federal EIN is 52-1544155. A financial report, is available here. The SSEA web pages also include an interactive map of the Eruv and directions for how to make an eruv for your sukkah. (Think ahead! The first day of Sukkos 5784 is Shabbos.)

Questions can also be sent by email to

(What happened to the Annual Appeal? Since its formation in the late 1980s, SSEA, Inc., has relied on an Annual Appeal conducted around the beginning of each Fiscal Year, October 1. Over the last two years we built up a surplus – partly from increased support from an increased population, and partly from being reduced to a single paid eruv inspector when the second inspector left for a full time job. We decided to forego the Annual Appeal in 2022, and, instead, to make the Appeal when we had about two months' funds left. Please make it work so we can continue in this mode.)

SSEA thanks the shuls and other community institutions that help us publicize this appeal. We also thank the Rabbis who provide halachic guidance; the community members who provide financial support for the Eruv; and the SSEA volunteers who maintain your community Eruv.

  Never “carry” unless you know that the eruv is up.

  Never put yourself in a position where you “must” have the eruv up.

  Ask your Rabbi what activities are prohibited, even with an eruv.

  Learn how to cope if the eruv is down.