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Eruv Construction Guidelines
Occasionally the Silver Spring Eruv has been down and can be down for an extended period of time depending on the repairs required.
Basic guidelines for constructing your own Eruv [PDF]

It is very important to follow this guidance, but do not rely solely on this pamphlet. Many individual circumstances could make an Eruv not kosher. Have your eruv checked by a competent person. Some community rabbis and trained Eruv volunteers may be able to inspect your Eruv BUT ONLY IF GIVEN PLENTY OF NOTICE.

The Silver Spring Eruv Association, Inc., provides a halachically reliable eruv for the benefit of the Jewish community in the Silver Spring, MD, neighborhoods of Hillandale, White Oak, Woodmoor, Northwood, Kemp Mill, and Wheaton. See our current map for the boundaries of the eruv. Rabbinic guidance is given by Orthodox Rabbis in our community in accordance with the rulings of our long-time rav hamachshir Rabbi Gedaliah Anemer zt"l. SSEA is an independent community organization, not associated with any synagogue or other community institution.

SSEA is supported by donations from the community, which provides funding to operate and maintain the Eruv. SSEA is a 501.c.3 organization and accepts direct donations. The suggested annual contribution is $54 per household for the SSEA fiscal year (begins October 1). To ensure the tax-deductibility of your donation, make your check payable to:

Silver Spring Eruv Association, Inc.
Mail it to: 707 Lamberton Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20902

The eruv is inspected before every Shabbat (usually on Friday). We cannot know ahead of time if the eruv will be up. If we ever know in advance that it will be down, we always announce that as soon as possible. Never put yourself in a position where you "must" have the eruv "up". Learn how to cope if the eruv is "down".

As with any area of halachah, instruction and guidance should be sought from a competent Rabbi. We offer the following general guidelines to help you formulate questions:

  • If the eruv is "up", items may be carried in the "public domain".
    • NOT items which are otherwise impermissible (muktzah – e.g. umbrella).
    • Only items needed for that Shabbat may be carried (e.g. a siddur to shul is OK, but NOT sneakers for when Tisha B'Av falls out Saturday night).
    • Ball playing is a particular issue for Rabbinic guidance.
  • Never assume that the eruv is up; check a reliable source before carrying on Shabbat.
    • Do not assume that "the eruv is always OK."
    • Our Friday inspections often reveal needs for repair.
    • Do not rely on the eruv if it has not been inspected.
    • There are special concerns when Friday (and Thursday) is (are) Yom Tov.
  • Even if the eruv has been declared up for a Shabbat, do not rely on the eruv if there are damaging winds (e.g. trees or wires down in the region of the eruv).

Other than our paid Friday inspectors and professional bucket truck repairs, SSEA operates entirely with volunteer labor. We can always use help with: administration and organization; engineering; Friday (and Sunday) repairs; spot inspections on Friday Yom Tov; and annual inspections of the Beltway fence. Find out from your shul how to contact the SSEA volunteers.

YISE 301-593-5561

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