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Though it is essential to pray for various people of differing levels and stages of illness, we are making a concerted effort to have our communal Mi Sheberach list only include the most pressing cases. This way people will appropriately focus on the names and the prayer for them, making it all the more potent. With this in mind, please adhere to the following guidelines when considering submitting a name to the YISE Mi Sheberach list:

  • Names should only be submitted for patients suffering from potentially life-threatening conditions. Patients scheduled for serious surgeries and procedures should be included on the list during the preceding week and should be removed once healthy recovery has begun.
  • Names should only be submitted if there is hope of the patient recovering from his/her illness.
  • Names of patients whose cancer is in remission should be submitted for the first year.

Those with specific questions about these guidelines may contact Rabbi Rosenbaum at 301-593-4465, ext. 105 or

Our Cholim list is now automated. Subject to the Rav's guidelines, above, please use this form to add a name to the Cholim list. The list will be used for the Mi Sheberach for Cholim made at the 8:45 Minyanim on Monday, Thursday, and Shabbos. Names will be kept on the list for a maximum of 30 days, and may be renewed at that time. Please note that each name will be checked to see if it is already on the list.

When the name is added to the list (and confirmed to not be a duplicate), you will receive a confirmation email which includes instructions for removing the name before the expiration date, should that be appropriate.

If you have any questions, please contact Seth Katz, chair of the Ritual Committee, at

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