Let's Cook with Yehuda Malka

Let's Cook with Chef Yehuda Malka

Launch your Yom Tov season with a Zoom cooking demo.

* Spiced and sweet roast chicken
* Glazed heirloom carrots
* Apple and fennel salad
Plus: How to break down and debone a chicken …

YISE Lulav & Esrog Fundraiser 2021

Order your Lulavim & Esrogim from YISE and help support the Shul!

YISE is working this year with Josh Breitstein to bring you the finest quality Arba Minim sets. Josh has over 40 years of experience and is committed to …

Yizkor Guide

July 6, 2021

Dear Friend,

The YISE Yizkor Guide will once again be available in 5782. It will contain specific tehillim, Yizkor passages and K'ail Malei Rachamimim in the order said in our Shul and will be used for all …

Shabbos messages from Rabbi Rosenbaum and Rabbi Postelnek

September 24 – Chol Hamoed Sukkos

A quick thought: The Joy of Knowing One's Inner Self

September 17 – Haazinu

A quick thought: A Very Special Shabbos

September 10 – Vayeilech

A quick thought: The Torah of Unification

September 3 …

Memorial Day – Jews in the US Military

Memorial Day 2021 virtual program at YISE.

Did you know there are Jews in the US military?
A Panel Discussion

Jews have served our country's armed services since the Revolutionary War.

Did you ever wonder what it's like to serve …