Pre-Pesach Shabbos Meals 2023

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Shabbos HaGadol Community Meals at YISE

Why make Shabbos at your own home when we can all spend Shabbos HaGadol …

Practical Prayer

Practical Prayer for a Busy Life: A two-part series for women given by Rabbi Postelnek.

Tuesday, February 14 – Guilt & Stress Free: Understanding and Connecting to the Basic Obligation of Tefillah

Source Sheets (PDF)

Audio recording

Tuesday, February 28 …

Bug Checking Presentation

Bug Checking presentation by Rabbi Sholom Tendler of the Star-K

Sunday, December 11, 2022 at YISE.

Rabbi Sholom Tendler is both an ordained graduate of Ner Israel Rabbinical College and a recipient of a Master's of Science degree in education …

Tradition and Minhagim

Tradition and Minhagim

Learn how, when and why customs are created & explore the background of common customs.

* Monday, July 18

The Method to the Minhag: How a Custom Is Created and When Does It Become Binding?

Rabbi Postelnek…